Snowfall effect on my newsletter?

  • 3 December 2021
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Is there a way to add a snowfall effect on my newsletter? (at least on the top?)
I want to personnalize my Holidays campaign a bit more.

Thank you!


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Hi there @Fanny!

Thanks for your question and it’s exciting to hear you are thinking of cool ways to customize your marketing plan for the holiday season approaching!

For this item, it would have to be created as a custom integration. Unfortunately, that kind of customization on templates is not something that Klaviyo has built out of the box or has a partner integration with at this time. You could create a custom form with our additional documentation within our help center to achieve this. A smaller workaround would be to create a GIF with text as a block to insert in your template so that it covers an area with this effect. 

Hope this helped!

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+1 on going the GIF route or even just a static image of snow falling.  When looking at the ROI, keeping it simple is best :)


A place you could add easily is on your site once they click through (if that’s the goal).