Streaming contacts into another flow from an existing flow



Apologies if this has been posted before but I am new to Klaviyo and still finding my way around.

This community has been really helpful and has tremendous amount of resources to refer to! :)

I was wondering if there is a way in Klaviyo where there is an option to bring contacts already in one flow into another new flow.


For example:

Flow 1: Failed order (failed payment trigger > send email)

Flow 2: Customer winback (placed order trigger > send email)


I would like to make it such that:

Failed payment trigger > send email > (goes into Flow 2)


My questions are:

  1. Is there a way to continue on into another flow from the current flow the contact is in?
  2. Is there a way to continue into a certain stage of the other flow from the current flow?

I heard that this may be achieved through trigger flows but I am unsure as to how this works. Some help notes or explanation on this would be helpful. 

Thank you very much!


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This is the very reason why some of our campaigns have been moved to a different platform. While Klaviyo is still an awesome email marketing platform, I still think that you need to add this feature companies, and business are highly needing this feature.

Nobody has mentioned an obvious work-around for this missing feature, but there is a simple one I believe:

At the end of flow branch were you want to feed users to a new flow, just add a new property to those users, and use that property to create a new segment, then use that segment to trigger a NEW flow, which could be a duplicaton of another flow you already have going.  

This is much less clean than flow-to-flow actions like ActiveCampaign has (and apparently even mailchimp now). 

Also missing from Klaviyo and making it hard to run my marketing: 2) No WAIT-UNTIL XXX capabilities inside of Klaviyo flows.  We use these all the time in AC, and simply could not believe Klaviyo is missing this function (conditional waits/delays).  3) Tagging and untagging as actions in flows.  This seems really simple, but Klaviyo seems to have left tags out of the automation side of the platform in regards to tirggers, and actions.  You can use user properties as a work-around for this.

I have to agree that this is an important feature. I offer a free eBook download as part of a sales funnel flow. I would like to move people who exit the flow without a purchase to another flow. I’ve tried adding a custom property to the user upon exit and then using that property as a filter for a different flow but it isn’t working. Would love some help here.

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Hey @ogessel 

At this time there is no update to provide. If there is any news in the future to share, we will update this thread to let everyone know! Thank you for being part of the Klaviyo Community!

Completely agree with , this is a feature in ActiveCampaign as well and it’s super frustrating that it can’t be done in Klaviyo. Has there been any movement on this feature ?


Badge +1 I bet you can help me! If I have a Flow and I want them to go to the ‘next’ Flow in our nurturing sequence what is best practice if we can not simply send them to the next adventure?

Is the solution to create a Segment of the people in the first Flow as they enter it and then use that as the Trigger for Flow 2 when they complete the Flow 1? Any insight is appreciated! ;)

Completely agree with , this is a feature in mailchimp and it’s super frustrating that it can’t be done in Klaviyo. Has there been any movement on this feature ?

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Really appreciate your feedback regarding this functionality to allow customers to enter another flow upon completing another one. I’ll share this suggestion with our Product Team!

Thanks for being a member of our Klaviyo Community!


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I think this is a mistake to not have this feature. Other competitor platforms can trigger flow from other existing flows and this is very helpful to not have to duplicate so many emails. 

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Hello @Chrystal,

Great questions!

Since flows are automated emails that get sent out in response to a specific trigger occurring, there would not be a way to manually put someone into a flow or cause them to be manually triggered for a flow. Unless a customer meets the flow conditions and triggers, they would not be eligible for the flow. 

From your two flow examples, customers would only trigger Flow 1: Failed Orders when they triggered the failed payment trigger. Similarly, customers would only enter Flow 2: Customer winback flow when they trigger a placed order event. The available triggers you can use to build and initiate flows are based on Lists, Segments, Metrics, and Date Properties. At this time there is no trigger available to initiate a customer into a flow when they complete or reach a certain step in another flow.

Furthermore, when a customer triggers a flow, they would trigger the flow from the very beginning and would not be placed in the middle of a flow to continue onwards. I would recommend taking a look at the following articles to further understand how flow triggers function and how contacts going through each flow:

In addition, customer winback flows are a way to entice customers who were previously engaged to return and interact with your brand again or make another purchase. Because of this, should a customer triggered the failed order flow, receive an email indicating that their payment failed,  then proceed to make their purchase again, they would already be placed into the customer winback flow automatically due to recording a Placed Order event. If the customer however does not complete their order after receiving notice of their failed order, then the customer would not be queued for the customer winback flow as there would not be an engagement from this customer. For further reading, you can take a look at the Creating a Winback Flow article and Objective Video: Turn On a Winback Flow video resources Klaviyo offers on this subject. 

I hope this helps!