Using Target Date Delay in a date triggered flow

  • 8 August 2022
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Hi I set up a flow triggered by a date property, and the Target Date Delay appeared automatically and I cannot get rid of it. I also cannot move it, nor can I move conditional split or time delays before that tile. I figured out in the end how to create the flow I wanted. But I’m just worried if I misunderstood that Target Date Delay. (If it’s just an anchor point, why do I have to "Wait Until” that date to send email, and if I don’t want to do anything after that date why can’t I get rid of it) 


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2 replies

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MAYBE! I got it! When I create Time Delay before the Anchor Point, it uses “wait until x days before anchor point” instead of just “wait 5 days”!

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Hey @tieu,

You’re pretty close in it’s understanding!

The Target Date Delay is a unique time delay found only in date triggered flows and only when you’ve chosen to start/trigger the flow before the target date. This anchor point is similar to a normal time delay but instead of delaying for a certain period of time, it delay users until the specified date that caused the user to trigger the flow.

If you wanted to start the flow on your target date - i.e. on someone’s birthday or anniversary - this unique target date delay won’t be available. You can adjust which option you wanted under the date trigger flow settings.

Starting the flow before your target date is a great way to send preemptive reminders or teaser emails to build excitement in your recipients. For example, a great use case for this would be sending a discount email out to your recipients 1 week before their birthday (Email #1 in the screenshot) and then on their birthday/target date receive an email celebrating their birthday, but also to remind them to use their coupon if they haven’t already. This strategy is a very common one and is highlighted in our How to build a birthday flow Help Center article as well.

If that’s not the sort of strategy you were going for, you can always trigger the flow on the specified target date which would remove the target date delay anchor point all together. This results in a normal flow where it would be triggered once that specific date is reached. 

I hope this helps!