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  • 7 January 2021
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Hello there

I set up a list in Klaviyo and added the webhook to Unbounce and changed the required field to (email) but not receiving the form submissions.

I have a question about the list id.  When I add the webhook to unbounce do I change the last part of the URL to the list Id I want them directed to?  Or do I use the URL just like it was given to me when generated on Klaviyo integrations page/instructions?

2nd part of question-

It was working fine a few days ago and since then we changed the ‘reply to’ email address.  Could this be something that would interrupt the integration?

Thank you!

2 replies

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Hi there,


The URL should be copied and pasted into your Unbounce webhook settings as-is.

Changing the reply-to address should not interrupt the integration. Can you confirm that the email address field is mapped to “email”? (As our help center article points out, “If this is mapped to any other value -- such as "your_email" -- Klaviyo will not be able to recognize this property as an email address and the webhook will get dropped. Also, mapping is case-sensitive and "email" should be formatted in lowercase.)






Thank you. I got it corrected.