Why am I having more bounced emails now than on MailChimp?

  • 11 January 2021
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We just migrated from MailChimp and sent our first campaign with Klaviyo. The campaign was sent to our recent openers (Track A) according your best practices however we got 81 bounced email (2,4%). It’s a huge number as bounced emails number was up to 15 in MailChimp. 

How is that possible? 

I am concerned if that will affect our deliverabily rates?

And how we should act now?


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Hi @Lina,

Whenever sending from a new domain this can sometimes happen but with good preparation and segmentation you should be able to keep it to a minimum. What kind of bounces are you talking about hard? soft? 2,4% sounds like a big number are you sure you've used the right metrics from the mailchimp integration? open, click and good rating (above 4) using this

Also when was the last email sent from mailchimp? Klaviyo only gets 3 months of data / click activities from Mailchimp.

Last did you check the Collect open and click data for MailChimp campaigns in the mailchimp integration? 

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Soft bounces. 

The last email via MailChimp (and overall) was sent on 30th of November.

I have checked opens in MailChimp and created segments manually. Track A who opened an email at least once in November. 

I didn’t know I need to check member rating, so this was not done. But checked now some bounced emails and there are both 5-star ratings and 2-star ratings and definitely some in between.

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One thing to take into consideration is the variety of reasons an email can soft bounce, all of which are temporary. 

Given the timing of your campaign, it may be possible that the increase was directly related to vacation/auto-replies being turned on for the holiday season, and thus registering as a soft bounce. 

I’m not saying that this is the reason your bounces are high, but it’s a possibility. Now that the holidays are past it would be interesting to see if you continue seeing a higher volume of soft bounces or if it decreases to your typical rates. 

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Thank you, Julia. Well, might be there were holiday auto-responses. 

The last campaign got a 0,4% bounce rate.