Why are Magento hidden base images not being shown on abandon carts?

  • 7 December 2021
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Recently after a Magento upgrade our team has noticed that images on abandoned cart flows are not being properly pulled into the Klaviyo software.

I've noticed that it has something to do with the way Klaviyo pulls the images from the products and defaults to the first image inside of a list. It would seem that it the abandoned cart flow doesnt recognize images that are hidden and set as base images on the products. In this scenario the abandon flows do not have any images for those products.

On Browse abandonment flows however these images are still displayed.

In the first image is an example of a product that does not have any images associated to it in the Klaviyo flow yet it has images on the magento admin product (image 2).




2 replies


An extra image as an example of what is in the item object in Klaviyo for this product on the abandon cart flows.


I've also tried coming into contact with the support team yesterday and they didn't seem to properly read what the problem was and just told me to change the way I'm referencing the image inside of the item object and then told me if I needed further assistance to come to the community. I'm hoping to get some developer feedback on this because I do not understand the way that these images are pulled in these different scenarios.

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Hey @kev_prince 

I am so sorry that your post slipped through our filters for moderation. were you able to fiind a solution for this?