Why are my Emails getting clipped in Gmail?

  • 6 December 2021
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So I have this issue from sometime now and need to solve it.

Normally our email campaigns are not very long so they don’t have to be clipped but we do have sometimes more sales at once and need to show them all in an email campaign so, of course, the email is clipped and when I click on the “read entire message” link, the email appears so distorted that you can’t understand anything from the email.

How can I do it so that it shows exactly how it appears in the preview mode, no distortion or moving parts. 

Could anybody please help me with some advice?

Thank you in advance. Please check some photos below to get an idea of how the email looks like after clicking the blue link.




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Hi Cristina,


Tricky to say what may be causing the issue, but generally when you see the “message clipped” notice in your inbox it means the overall email size is too large (this means the entire HTML size, this includes text, images, everything). Gmail has an email size limit of 102KB for each email message so you want to make sure you stay under that. There’s a way to check your email template file size by downloading your email as a file, then checking in your downloads folder to see the file size. 


But in general, you may want to have a look at the images that you are uploading into the email and compress each of them to smaller files sizes.


The other thing that you may need to do is input a fixed width inside Klaviyo for all your images. I usually input out 600px for any images that I want to show full screen in email, and go smaller if I want it to appear smaller/half screen. This is especially important if you’re uploading images with larger pixel width sizes than 600.



Those would be my first things to try as a start! Hope that helps.


Hi Jenny,


Thank you so much for your input. I think I may have to readjust the images size as I believe I upload them in a very large size .PNG format.

I will definitely try your suggestion for my next campaigns to see if anything changes.

Best regards,


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Hi @Cristina - iCraft


Thanks for sharing your question with the Community! 


@jennym makes a lot of great points, thanks for joining the conversation here! Yes, generally emails get clipped in Gmail inboxes if your message exceeds a certain size, which can vary based on the device used to open the email. Not only is email clipping not great from a marketing standpoint, but additionally it can negatively affect your deliverability as the tracking pixel (used to calculate open rate) will also be clipped, so opens will not be tracked correctly. 


Adding onto the helpful steps you can take to rectify this issue, given by our awesome partner, our documentation on Why Your Email is Being Clipped could also provide more insight and other actions to take to reduce the size of your email. Such as: 

  • changing to Desktop or Mobile-Only Blocks 
  • Forgoing Header/Link Bar Blocks
  • Enabling Embedded Styles
  • Removing Section Background Images
  • Removing Unnecessary Styles


Thanks for you participation in the Community!



Hi Taylor,


Thank you so much for the detailed answer and great resources, I will for sure try all of the above.

Best regards,