Why didn't this Flow suspend?

  • 20 July 2022
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I set up a Flow Filter to stop sending if someone logs the the event named LOCAL ORDER at least once since starting this flow, yet the flow kept sending. Why?  See second screenshot for profile activity. You’ll notice the email sequence continued to send.



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Just an hunch without seeing the full details of the flow set-up but do you happen to have any OR conditions after that Local Order Filter in the flow settings? 

Example: Local Order Zero Times Since Starting Flow OR Place Order Zero Times Since Starting Flow OR

That will cause filtering issues if so. You’d want it to be an absolute filter to your entire flow, so setting it as an AND condition will be the key. 

And if I’m totally off on that hunch, if you wouldn’t mind taking a screenshot of your entire flow, I can maybe see if there is another hiccup!

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Yes, there is an OR condition… which shouldn’t change my expectations of the first statement to stop the flow for this customer

Here’s a screenshot of the entire filter logic.



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So in this case, it would affect your expectations to filter out from that first condition.

If I entered your flow and I triggered Local Order but I didn’t trigger a “Local Service C..” (Sorry can’t see the full name) while in the flow - that is me meeting the conditions of that OR filter in-between those two metrics and I would stay in the flow because of that.

If you swap this to an AND statement between those two, you’d then get at the goal you are looking for which is that only people who haven’t done either of these metric triggers since entering the flow can continue down the automation. 

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I’m 100% sure OR means “one OR the other”.

I’m 100% sure AND means “both conditions must be true”.


If your logic is correct, then @Klavivo has crossed their logic and everyone who uses these filters have a busted flow at this point in time.



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@David To , care to opine on this?

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@Andrew.Walters, we can solve this with the age old boolean truth table:

OR Truth Table

If Local Order is Zero Times  Local Service C. T/F
True False True
True True True
False True True
False False False


So if either in column 1 OR in column 2 is True (or both is True), then the Flow continues.  The only time that the Flow Filters (Fails) is if both are False.


AND Truth Table

If Local Order is Zero Times  Local Service C. T/F
True False False
True True True
False True False
False False False


Compare that with the AND truth table, so both conditions have to be True for the Flow to continue. I think in your case, you want both conditions to be True, because it’s say “Zero Times” for both statements Since Starting the Flow. 

Not sure if this helped, but it does take some mental gymnastics to sort it out!

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Hi @Andrew.Walters,

Thanks for sharing. Upon reading this thread, I believe that @Spark Bridge Digital LLC and @retention are actually on the right track with the explanations provided. The issue does come from the OR condition logic in your flow set up. I would take a look at our Help Center doc regarding the AND vs OR use case and how it applies to your scenario. 


Thank you,