Why is my Abandoned Cart Flow not Working with Woocommerce?

  • 30 November 2021
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Hi there!

I am looking for some help, please.

I have been facing some issues with an abandoned cart flow I created for a customer. His account is integrated to a Woocommerce shop.

The problem is that the 'Return to Cart' button does not work.

I used the default button (the one in the Klaviyo template), and followed the guidelines on the 3 following pages: 
-Klaviyo's guide
-Forum page 1
-Forum page 2

But nothing seems to work.

I guess this has to do with WooCommerce. If someone has faced and solved a similar issue in the past or has any idea whatsoever as to how to solve it, it would be of a great help!

Thank you in advance for your attention guys!

Best wishes,



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Hey there @Jad,

Welcome and thanks for posting to the Community!

I would first double check to see that your WooCommerce integration is properly linked and data is being sent correctly to your Klaviyo account. In our Help Center Doc there are steps to rebuild a cart from an abandoned cart so that your return to cart may be set up.

I think going over those steps first and double checking with those linked articles you had would be one step to troubleshoot this issue. Please feel free to follow up with any updates!



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Hi Alex,

Thank you very much for your answer.
I found the issue thanks to Klaviyo’s support: it was because my customer’s website is coded in French. Hence, the code should include ‘panier’ instead of ‘cart’, as follows:
{{ organization.url }}/panier/?wck_rebuild_cart={{ event.extra.CartRebuildKey }}


I hope this would help people in similar situation who read this in the future:)


Thank you once again Alex!


Best wishes,

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Hi there @Jad,

Great to hear that the support was able to do a deeper dive into it! That was a good catch and knowing the client’s native language could change the website coding. 

Thanks for the info and for educating the Community!