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  • 31 January 2021
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Is it possible that after a PLACED ORDER flow is started, the payment method is passed through to Klaviyo from Woocommerce?


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Hi @stevecachia,


It would be unlikely. The reason I say this is that:


The Placed Order event tracks when a customer completes the checkout process and creates an order in your WooCommerce store. Klaviyo records a Placed Order event when we sync an order with the status of processing.

The event Klaviyo tracks includes all product information captured by WooCommerce so that you can use this detailed data in purchase follow up emails. You can filter and target Placed Order events based on the following criteria:

  • $value: The value of the order
  • ItemNames: The names of the products in someone's order, e.g., t-shirt or pants
  • IsDiscounted: Order has been discounted; true or false
  • UsedCoupon: A coupon was used on the order, e.g., true or false
  • ItemCategories: The categories to which the items in the cart belong
  • ShippingMethods (if any)
  • Coupons (if any)

 Reviewing Your WooCommerce Data





Thanks Paul.

It’s a little bit weird cause on this blog post examples you can see the payment method in some of them. Is it available with shopify or presta and not woo? 

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So I hope I’m not confusing you but the order confirmation email can be triggered by the placed order event. 

Here is a line from our help center article on our Guide to Using Flows to Send Transactional Emails

“When building out these emails, if the flow is triggered by an event that's synced through the integration, like Placed Order, then you can use a post-purchase flow as a starting point in terms of the information that you will pull into the template (e.g., a link to the item, an image of the item, the name of the item).”

So in the case of woocommerce, if you were looking to trigger the flow off of the placed order event, the payment method should come in with the placed order event.