Adding additional fields to be synced to Klaviyo

  • 24 November 2021
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we just need to look into the add additional checkout fields in klaviyo when any new order generated, 

we need to sync these 2 fields in 3rd party APP Venue and Type, into  Klayvio/Zendesk/Hub Spot

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Hey there @bhavna,

First, welcome to the Community! 

If you are looking to add additional fields to forms in order to collect and sync more data, I would recommend using a Legacy Form. Using this sort of form (example, embed legacy form) can make it so you can add additional fields to your checkout area with new orders. I would recommend speaking with your developers or reaching out to a Klaviyo Partner if you need further assistance on getting this set up for your business. 

I am not too familiar with third party apps called Venue and Type, but I would love to hear more about the data being pulled to see if we can further assist with pulling their data into Klaviyo. 

If you would kindly provide additional details regarding the types of fields/data you are looking to pull on new orders started as well as info on the third party apps, I think we can learn more together.

Thank you!