Can I update Tags using Zapier?

  • 13 September 2021
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how can I update user tags using Zapier?


Best answer by Manny Singh 14 September 2021, 13:04

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Hi!  Would you be able to describe what tags you’re looking to update and when they would be updated? That’ll help to see what options would be best (maybe there’s another way of doing it :))


stealth seminar has the option to send added data to Klaviyo such as whether someone attended the webinar or didn't show up, if they watched the whole webinar or not etc.

So we want to update these users profile or tag them so we can easily identify them, then we can follow up with emails. 

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Interesting.  I don’t have experience with Zaps + Klaviyo.  But it looks like there is an option to update/add a subscriber with a StealthSeminar action.  Check it out here:


Doesn’t hurt to test it out, if you do, let me know if it works out (I’d be curious).


Hi Manny Singh

Thank you for your reply again. StealthSeminar users are already subscribed on Klaviyo. So we just need to update user actions. and list them separately or identify users based on there activity. I was trying this
For StealthSeminar I can add when to trigger the zap as I wanted, but for Klaviyo they don't give any option to update tag. that's why I was searching for the answer here how can I update Tags using Zapier?

or is there any other way that zap can update user so I can Identify users activity, and follow up based on there activity.

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Hi @Hkabir ,


Just to add onto some resources!  We don't integrate directly with Zapier, but you or a developer could create a custom metric by sending Klaviyo event data via the Track API:

You can add profiles to lists, along with any properties, with our List API endpoint:

Or you could just add a profile to Klaviyo without adding to a particular list with the Identify API endpoint:

There are some special properties that Klaviyo will recognize, which you can find here:

For your reference, here's a list of third party platforms we do integrate with (though there aren't any out-of-the-box webinar software integrations):