Product review e-mail not sent to "review form" but "product page"

  • 7 January 2022
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I want to setup a flow for product review email.

I am setting up the "Product Review / Cross-Sell -Standard" flow
I am using the Shopify "product review" app running Shopify 2.0
I am reading klaviyo docs: 

Issue;  when I click on the review button I am sent to the product page itself, not the product page review form.

The guide I linked to mentioned some code inserts, but I am unsure if this will fix the issue, but I have no other option then try.

Short version from the article:

Anywhere on your product template page, paste the following code:
<a href="#reviews"></a>

Then, scroll to the area on the product template page's code where your product reviews are displayed. Here, paste the following code:
<a id="reviews"></a>

Anyone know which file (assuming its the main-product.liquid) and where in that file the inserts should be done?



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Hello @Peter60LQ,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

For starters, if you were using the prebuilt Product Review flow Klaviyo offers, it actually is expected behavior that clicking on the CTA will lead you back to the product page of the product that was purchased. Because the CTA is expected to the recipient back to the product page, the instructions you found in the Link Customers to the Review Area on a Page subsection of the Creating a Product Review Flow Help Center article is highlighting how to apply anchor links to your product page. This would allow users who click on the CTA to be brought to a specific spot on the product page to submit their review; such as an embedded form or a subsequent hyperlink or button that says allows users to navigate to a separate review page. 

@Mailbox Manny briefly mentioned this in their comment below: 

Since it sounds like you may have a separate page you are gather these review from, instead of using the default URL syntax for the CTA, you may want to customize it to be pointed towards the URL of your review page. I suggest taking a look at the following Help Center articles we offer on building and using dynamic event data in your emails:


I may also recommend taking a look at some other additional resources from our Community touch upon a similar subject of further understanding how to build a product review flow. I’ve included a few below that may be helpful:

I hope this helps!