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  • 23 December 2021
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I have a dual language site (es, en) I need to link the checkout email to klaviyo. But depending on the language of the site, it must link to a specific list. 

Can I achieve this. Or is there a way to add tags to be able to segment the email sending by language?

3 replies

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Hi there @cafeleathersupply,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting your question here! 

Do you mind clarifying how you have set up your site/sites and the checkout email that is connected to Klaviyo? Do you have one Klaviyo account per site linked to each language? If so, you could just have form submissions linked to their own list as they would be independent of each language’s list. 

Additionally, what action on your page is adding users to a list? 

As for your question regarding segmenting email sends by language:

Klaviyo supports multi-language emails and natively allows you to segment your audience based on location.  You have the ability to create email templates in multiple language, then segment your customers by location and send the appropriate email based on location (English emails go to customers located in the UK, German emails go to customers located in Germany, for example).

Alternatively, you could configure your signup forms to include a required field that allows customers to input preferred language when signing up (a field titled Preferred Language, for example).  Then you could segment your audience and send emails accordingly based on that data point.  Please note that Klaviyo does not natively track the language a customer is using, only their location. So, capturing a data point around preferred language would need to be built into a form.

Please refer to this help article for additional information around Klaviyo's support for multi language.

I look forward to your reply.



I Alex, am sorry if I was not clear enough. 

I have a Woocommerce store. I am using the WPML plugin to make it multilingual. 

In the checkout I want to add a checkbox (as in the attached image) that when selected when the customer enters all their data and make the purchase. The contact information email will be added to a klaviyo list. BUT, I need this checkbox to be different in each language and add me to a different list depending on the language. Example: in English language, subscribe me to the "buy in English" list, if it is in Spanish, subscribe me to the "buy in Spanish" list. 

I was checking and the plugin you provide for wordpress allows to add a checkbox to the checkout page to make the subscription.  (look the attached image) But I need to do it to two different lists as I mentioned. 




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Hi there @cafeleathersupply

Thanks for your follow-up and clarification. Unfortunately it would not be possible to link different Woocommerce language forms to different lists; It's because that accepts marketing only allows customers to be added to one list. However, if you want to allow customers to choose which list they are added to, the following Community post outlines how to take advantage of multiple buttons within a signup form. 

Alternatively, another solution would be creating a signup form with a multi-checkbox field asking what sort of information your subscribers would like to receive. Each of these options in the multi-checkbox can then be used to tag your subscribers with a specific profile property. You can then use segmentation to capture these customers who are on this particular list your signup form is submitting to and have this specific profile property. So you could have one for EN preference and ES. 

The best alternative I would suggest would be to either use different Klaviyo accounts for your different language sites or somehow segmenting the users out from one main list into the EN and ES segments. The second one would require some manual work as you would have to export CSV files and edit them and reimport them. A related article can be found:


Hope this helped clear things up!