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Same here, no news. Klavyio says they will take care but nothing changes and then you don‘t hear back.

Dear Klaviyo Team - if you read this it becomes obvious that this is an issue for all of your German based customers. t-online is the biggest provider after all in Germany.

I totally understand that Germany is not your biggest market and probably a fraction of the US, however if this cannot be solved (I hope it can) then you should let us (and other existing/prospective customers from Germany) know so we can start looking for alternatives to Klaviyo. Just a fatal flaw if emails to the largest provider cannot be sent.

Hey @Roland

no news yet on my end. 

Is there any news @FIRE-FOOD @flonomao @cassy.lee @julie.accardo ?

I am also facing this problem since I switched to Klaviyo. I contacted the support in December 2020. Unfortunately, no solution is in sight so far.
Meanwhile I spend days to answer our customers, because e-mails are not sent.

I have had this problem for almost half a year now. Please provide a solution :pray_tone1: .

The time I invested in customer support I might as well have invested in switching to another email marketing automation provider.
When can we expect a solution? The whole thing is quite annoying :angry: !

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Hi @flonomao

I’m sorry to hear that you’re also experiencing similar issues with! 

I wanted to follow up so that you, and others who might also be experiencing this, are aware that we are currently in contact with the inbox provider to address this issue. We look forward to sharing an update here with the Community when we learn more. 

In the meantime, our team recommends that you avoid sending campaign emails to these profiles to prevent them from being automatically suppressed after a series of soft bounces. To do this, you could create a segment using the following condition and exclude this segment from the campaigns:


 Thank you,

We have the exact same issue. Let me know once you find a solution @FIRE-FOOD !


Thanks Julie - appreciate the help. I have opened a support request with the Klaviyo team. Based on some testing we have done in the meantime really seems to be an issue with Klaviyo. Direct Mails from our mail accounts to go through, and so do the answers. Also seems like transactional emails from Klaviyo go through (opt-in confirmation for newsletter), but other emails don’t (e.g. the coupon code that is supposed to come after the opt-in).

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I’ve escalated this with Klaviyo support. Can you please update the original email thread you had going with support so that they can confirm your account. You should hear back from them shortly once you request an update.