Email Bouncing and Getting a Dedicated Sending Domain

  • 1 November 2021
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Good Morning! I hoping someone could help me with my email situation. So I have been talking with klaviyo support about my all of my emails bouncing. So he informed me that I shouldn’t use my yahoo email to send messages and that i should set up a Dedicated Sending Domain. 

My question is: Should I purchase a business email and use that email with my klaviyo account?

Thank you in advance!


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Hey there @l.cummings,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting that great question here!

The dedicated sending domain idea is actually a good avenue to go on your end! I personally would highly consider the return on investment a Dedicated Sending Domain provides. The process of setting up a dedicated sending domain improves deliverability in the eyes of inbox providers since you will now send from your own designated domain. As such, your sender email address (i.e. from address) will match the domain you’re sending from. This means that your emails will no longer appear to be sent by a shared domain.

I have seen many Community members utilize Gmail as their choice for creating a business email and a dedicated sending domain. However, there are other ways to set it up as well.

In our documentation on How to Strengthen Your Sender Reputation, we also emphasize the benefits of having a dedicated sending domain. There are also some great community posts regarding this topic that I highly recommend reading! 

Lastly, if you are seeing an issue with bounces after setting one up, we also have a resource explaining that as well!


Hope this helped!


thank you for your advice. so i just made a business email with gmail, now im trying to protect my domain so i can get to my dns records but my domain is thru wix. i just recently had my wix account migrated to shopify, so do i need to contact shopify support on this issue, or is there a way to protect my domain thru wix and still be able to use that information on shopify and klaviyo?

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Hi there @l.cummings glad you found it helpful!

While we don't currently have a native integration with Wix, you can use some 3rd party platforms or custom integrations. Here is an example of a way to integrate Wix and Klaviyo. You can add a Custom eCommerce Integration using our API Guide and Actual API References. However, if you do have an issue with Wix and Shopify then yes you would need to go to the Shopify support page for the issues to be looked at on their end. 

You should be able to setup everything through Wix and still utilize Shopify and Klaviyo features connected. It would just depend on what you are doing with those integrations as well as the data you are looking to pull.


Have a good day!


Thank you so much for the information. I’ll look into it!