Adding Tax To Price of Products in Product Block Template

  • 18 August 2021
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Hi,  we are using dynamic products tag in Email campaign with product price on, but price demonstrated in test mail seemed had not contained 10% tax in, what should we do if we want 10% tax to be calculated in price? I guess it would be related with data feed.


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I also have this problem. The fact is that klaviyo takes the price without taxes. So automation is of little use to me. The good thing would be if you add the tax on all products. In Spain we are obliged to add 21% and Klaviyo does not take the final price of the real product and does not allow me to set a rule for it to be added to the entire catalog?

I think they should allow a % tax to be added as every country is different.Add a field so that we can tell Klaviyo the% tax to add to the price
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Hi @Sapporet ,

Thank you for your suggestions and letting the Community know about your situation and possible workarounds!

I think in the meantime, creating a separate Klaviyo store account specifically for Spain users to go through and having those catalog prices already set with the 21% tax in mind would be a good alternative in the time as we work on a feature like adding in regional tax. More info on this can be found on our great Academy course: Running a Multinational Business.

The other workaround would be to add the tax within the product feed backend, like the original post, so that your catalog prices change beforehand.


Have a good day!

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Hi ,


Thanks for posting your question to the Community and hope to provide some info!

You are correct in the sense that there is something you can alter within the data feeds to include the 10% tax to your product prices. You could apply this 10% tax within your product feed backend. This way when the product block pulls in any products from the catalog automatically, the price will always show as whatever is listed in the feed, in this case your base price +10%. 

Another option would be to manually select the products within a product block and define a static price while including the 10% tax beforehand. 

The image shows where to edit price in a product block! 


Hope this helped and thanks for being a part of the Community!


Hi @alex.hong  thanks for your answer.

Regarding your first suggestion, in our case we are using Shopify as the product feed backend, with the official Klaviyo integration.

I don’t think there is a way to add a tax multiplier to the product feed with the official Klaviyo integration, am I wrong?



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Hi @Jerome ,

No problem! 

You are right in the sense that within Klaviyo’s interface you cannot add the 10% tax multiplier. Instead, you would need to make the changes within your Shopify product feed backend.

Hope that clarified things and please feel free to let the Community know what solution you came up with as well!