Body html Liquid syntax error: Unknown tag 'web_view'

  • 15 May 2021
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Hello there,

i hope you can help me with the following, 

I am getting this error when exporting my email templates within the Shopify notifications. When I copy the klaviyo HTLM link, this error message appears. 

i will appreciate if someone can help me with that, thank you very much. 



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Hello @infineza,

Thank you so much for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

This error is referring to the web view tag:

{% web_view %}

this tag will need to be removed from the Klaviyo email in order for the template to work in Shopify. This is because Shopify uses a different type of syntax than Klaviyo, and the web view tag is only compatible with Klaviyo syntax. For more information on exporting email templates to Shopify, I recommend checking out our article on that topic here.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.