Can I copy over a campaign from one Klaviyo account to another Klaviyo account?

  • 27 November 2020
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Yes! There is a two-step prcoess to copy a campaign from one Klaviyo account to another. These steps include:

  1. Save the campaign as a template
  2. Copy the template from one account to another

To save the campaign as a template, follow the instructions discussed in this Community post.

To copy the template over to another account, navigate to the Email Templates tab and click the Edit dropdown to the right of the template you want to copy over. Next, click Clone.

A modal will appear prompting you to optionally rename the cloned template and select the destination account. This is the account where the new template will be copied to. Then click Clone Template.


Changes made to the original email template will not be reflected in the copied template. 

For more details head to the instructions in the article Copy Flows and Templates Between Klaviyo Accounts. For information around managing multiple Klaviyo accounts, head to Multi-Account User Privileges

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