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  • 20 January 2023
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I am trying to create an html email template in klaviyo by importing the html.  If my html contains emojis, it says:

We found the following error in your HTML. The emoji or special character you used is not currently supported in a custom HTML email. Your content cannot be imported until this character is removed.


This also happens if I have already created a custom html template by importing emoji-less html (which works fine), and then try editing the html template and adding the emojis.  I get the same error message when I try to save the edited template. I have found some rare emojis work when I do this, but the set of emojis that work is very limited.


To make sure it wasn’t a problem with the emojis, I created a different “basic” template which uses the WYSIWYG editor where you edit it on the left and see the email on the right.  I am able to insert the emojis using that template editing mode and it saves fine.  But if I copy those same emojis out of that mode and try to paste them into the imported html template I still get the error when I save.


It seems like the “Edit custom HTML Version” mode where you edit the html tags directly is much more strict in the emojis it allows and is very limited.  Is there some way to get common emojis to work for a custom html email template in klayvio?



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Hey @jared 

Congrats on your first post in the Klaviyo Community, but I’m sorry you are having a problem with emojis.

Unfortunately emojis are not supported in Custom HTML emails at this time, they are only supported in the Drag and Drop editor.

The workaround here is (once you're completely done editing the HTML) you can add snippets of code to the surrounding text where you can edit with our Drag and Drop editor with just a few tags. Here are instructions for that:

You can also try using images of the emojis and adding the images of emojis in through the <img src=""> tag within the HTML. 

Our Product team is aware of the limitations with emojis and are looking into it. I'd be more than happy to add your feedback to the ticket as well. Hope this helps!


Thank you for the information.  That is very helpful.