Exporting Email Templates that are easily shareable with someone elses email lists

  • 8 September 2021
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I am looking to send an email campaign to university students. The email of course needs to b sent to the university employees, that will then send it out. How can I export an email template in a way that I can make it easy for them to send out that would include the buttons?


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Hi @LScarr


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


Yes, even though your account is free, you should still be able to clone templates and flows across Klaviyo accounts through the mulit-account login feature. However, you must be a registered user on the additional account to have permission to clone these features and transfer them. Are you registered on the other account you wish to transfer the template or are perhaps registered as an Analyst? If you are not registered on the account or are an have access as an Analyst, you will need to obtain user permission from the other owner to be able to transfer these templates. 


Additionally, I’d check out these Community Posts that might offer further insight into email templates and flows to other Klaviyo accounts! 



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Hi there, do you need a paid subscription to be able to share with other users? When I clone the template there is no dropdown option of a destination account. Please advise, thank you!

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Thank you David!

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Hello @oliviaatshopolive,

Great question! 

You can share an email template built within Klaviyo by either cloning the template from one Klaviyo account to another or exporting it via HTML.

If you were looking to share the email template from your Klaviyo account to a different Klaviyo account, you can do so, so long as you have access as a user on the secondary account. Your Klaviyo login supports multi-account access which would allow you to clone and share flows and email templates between the accounts you have access to. To copy an email template from one account to another, navigate to the Email Templates tab and click the Edit dropdown to the right of the template you would like to copy over. Next, select the Clone option. This will cause a model to appear to prompt you optionally rename the cloned template and select the destination account. These instructions are also detailed in the How to Copy Flows and Templates Between Klaviyo Accounts Help Center article. 

The second option, if you wish to simply share the Klaviyo email template as an HTML file, you can do so by heading to the Email Templates tab and click the Edit dropdown of the template you would like to export and select the Export option. This will then return the HTML source code of the email template which you can copy and paste into a different application or share it through whichever means you choose. This is further detailed in the How to Export the HTML for an Email Template Help center article. 

Keep in mind though that if you were not sharing this email template to a Klaviyo account or if your email template contains account specific template tags and variable, they would not be understood in the secondary Klaviyo account or parallel application you wish to use this email template in. To resolve this, i would suggest either editing and updating those specific template tags and variables within the Klaviyo account that the template was shared to or through editing the HTML to align with the application it is being used within. 

I hope this helps!