New editor - text blocks use DIV instead of P and strip out non-breaking space character when exporting

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Trying to create some email templates - when I use a text block and type normal text it wraps it in <div> tags instead of <p> which the old editor used.

This is good for Outlook emails, since adding a linebreak between “paragraphs” adds a

<div> </div>

which Outlook seems to honour and saves having to do the old manual trick of adding

<!--[if mso]><br><![endif]-->

after each <p> tag within a block.

Some of these templates we need to send from our internal system - but when I export the HTML it is removing the non-breaking space (&nbsp;) from between the <divs> - this means all paragraphs are squished together.

eg: In a text block I type:
Some words

Another paragraph

Viewing the code it is:

<div>Some words.</div>
<div>Another paragraph</div>

But when I export, it becomes:

<div>Some words.</div>
<div> </div>
<div>Another paragraph</div>

Can you please advise how to export so it doesn’t remove the &nbsp; code.

Or alternatively, why the text block is using <div> instead of <p> tags?  


And is there any way to make the context editor wider? It is difficult to work on long text in that small window area.




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I tried changing all the <div>&nbsp;</div> to <br /> instead, but the editor just changes them back to <div>&nbsp;</div>.

Through trial an error I’ve discovered if you wrap the entired text block in another <div> and replace all the <div>&nbsp;</div> with <br /> the exporter leaves it alone.


<div>Some words</div>
<br />
<div>more words</div>

But this is all very manual and tedious.​​​​​​   

Hopefully I’m missing something obvious, or Klaviyo can fix this behaviour.

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Hi there @MarkG


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


This is definitely not expected behavior. I am going to share this with our engineers and will get back to you when we have more insight.


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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Thanks @Taylor Tarpley ,

We’ve also discovered that the exporter turns entities such as &reg; into encoded ®, which is creating alot of re-work for us.


@Taylor Tarpley updates on the fact that when I paste text, it goes in <div> instead of <p>?

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+1 for this.


Even if I paste HTML the editor converts P tags to DIVs upon switching from code edit.