Shopify Refund and Order Cancelled templates

  • 27 February 2021
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The way I see it, all of Klaviyo’s replacement templates for Shopify Notifications are on point, but the two for refunds and cancellations do a lesser job of mimicking the desired results of what shopify produces by default. Am I the only observer of this?


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Hi J,


I’d love to learn more about the difference in experience with Shopify refunds/cancellations compared to what Klaviyo offers. Curious if you could provide a little more detail?




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Hi Julie,


Check out the screenshots of Shopifys Order Cancellation email compared to Klaviyo’

s… No images and no financials… unless they dont show up in preview mode, but there literally seems like major components are missing from this template in order to provide the customer the same data as native Shopify. Thank you

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Hello @jlytle,

Thank you for providing that valuable feedback to provide to our Product Team!

From your screenshot it appears you are previewing a Shopify Notification Template directly within Klaviyo. Since these Shopify Notification Templates are meant to be customized and exported for use within Shopify, these templates are built with Shopify specific syntaxes and code that would not be registered within the Klaviyo interface. 

These Shopify Notification Templates, when exported for use within Shopify would express the cancellation reason and some of the financial data, but would not display the product images of the products cancelled. I’ll certainly share these details and comparison of the pre-provided Shopify Notification email with our Product Team. 


Thanks for contributing to the Community!



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if you compare the code source of shopify cancellation notices, there is all sorts of programming in there related to gift cards and stuff, that are not included in your shopify notification base code.

Facing the same issue and the same needs: the preview block of the “refunded items”. Thank you

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Hello @Romano,

Since you are trying to edit and build a product block within a Shopify Notification email, which uses a different set of syntaxes than Klaviyo, I would recommend taking a look and leveraging the Notification Variables Reference guide that Shopify offers here:

Through using their guide, you should be able to customize this Shopify specific notification template to highlight the products that were refunded or cancelled as part of the order. Should you need further help customizing these Shopify Notification Templates, feel free to checkout out our extensive network of agency partners who can assist in this customization.

I hope this helps!



I’m having the same issues with the Refund Shopify template. Can anyone help and show me what variables or what I need to add? I tried it out by using the Refund template provided by Klaviyo and didn’t edit anything. It is still isn’t showing the details it needs to show. 


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Hello @Linh,

Since this would be a Shopify Notification Template, I would suggest using the Notification variables reference guide provided by Shopify to update the template to include the capability for the template to pull in a product image. 

If you need further assistance in editing the Shopify Notification Template to do so, I would further recommend working with an email designer or finding a Klaviyo partner who can further help you in customize your emails. 

Have a great day and thanks for being a Klaviyo Community Member!