How to disable Historical Data Sync, after store migration in Shopify?

  • 16 November 2021
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So i had a shopify store connected to my klaviyo account for the last 2 years with over 50k orders. My email marketing was setup with klaviyo without any issues. 
For particular reasons, I had to delete my shopify store, not before i exported all the data including customer and order data, and imported it into my new shopify account.
Long story short- I now have a a new shopify store that contains all the data from my old store. i want to connect the new store to the old klaviyo account, without klaviyo syncing historical data, as if it will import historical data from the new store, i’ll basically have all the data appearing twice.
So i want klaviyo to utilize the past data from the old store which is already on it, and collect only future data from the new store.
Can anyone explain how can I do something like that?


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Hey @lonsilon 

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community and thank you for asking such a great question! Happy to help!

When you imported your old Shopify data into your new store, are the order IDs and timestamps still the same as what is in Klaviyo currently? Klaviyo uses email address, order id, timestamp and event type (Placed Order, Fulfilled Order etc) to determine uniqueness. If the event data is still the same, the historical sync will not duplicate the data in your existing Klaviyo account. The way the Klaviyo x Shopify integration works, it immediately and automatically performs a historical sync which transfers all your data through to Klaviyo. There's no way to stop that synch from happening I'm afraid. As long as the event data is still the same, setting up your new Shopify integration will not duplicate information already stored in Klaviyo through the historical sync.

I hope this helps provide some clarity, and thank you for being part of the Klaviyo Community!