NEW Google Ads integration

  • 29 September 2022
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NEW Google Ads integration
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The new Google Ads integration with Klaviyo enables brands to create one to one syncs between lists and segments in Klaviyo and their Google audiences. 

Once  Klaviyo lists or segments are populated in Google Ads, the profiles can be targeted with specific ads, used as an input for a “similar audience”, or used as an exclusionary group for future ads to avoid advertising to specific groups, like recent customers.


Hello Klaviyo Community!

With ~29% of the digital advertising market share in the United States, Google Ads are a fundamental component of many brands’ marketing strategies. Because advertising platforms (Facebook, Google) can be disjointed from a brand’s owned data, it is difficult for brands to know they are targeting the right people with the right advertising message. 

Previously, brands using Klaviyo were limited to syncing segments and lists with Meta/Facebook. With the release of the Google Ads integration, brands using Klaviyo now have the same control over what segments and lists can be dynamically synced to Google Ads, opening up similar use cases – retargeting, finding similar audiences, and building exclusions. 

Here’s how integrating with Google Ads can help drive your brand:

Increase your Return on Ad Spend (RoAS)
Only show Google Ads to those who are engaged or have a high intent to buy. A common exclusion would be avoiding targeting customers who recently purchased and have low intent to buy. 
Deliver more personalized advertisements with Google Ads
Deliver more personalized retargeting advertisements  to drive higher conversions with existing customers and attract new customers with Google’s similar audiences.

Google Audiences that are always up-to-date. 
Our Google Ads integration allows you to sync Klaviyo segments, meaning your Google Audiences are always up-to-date, without requiring any manual importing or exporting of CSVs. 


Login to your Klaviyo account to install the new Google Ads integration NOW!


Here are some additional resources you will find helpful when setting up Google Ads integration:


Getting started with Google Ads

Building a segment in Klaviyo



6 replies

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So excited for this!

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This is awesome, going to start using it next week.  If anyone who sees this message is seeing early success, would love to hear your story/case study (I’ll do the same once I get some data flowing :)). 

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What a fantastic new integration to have added to our Klaviyo stack! I saw there’s a form to submit questions for the integration walkthrough event coming up next week, but it seems like the form is broken. Only Klaviyo employees can access the form linked from the event registration page…


Is there a better place for us to submit our questions before the event? 

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Hi there @ebusiness pros


Thanks so much for flagging the issue for us! It should be fixed now. 


Thanks for using your voice to ensure everyone can ask questions for the training! 


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This sounds like an interesting feature! There is one thing I would like to know tho.

Does it integrate with YouTube ads as well? Since YouTube ads is a part of google ads.

Just like in the Facebook integration you can target Instagram ads as well

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Hey @kunal ,

Youtube ads are run through Google Ads so short answer is yes. Klaviyo will integrate with Google Ads to create a customer match list. As long as you can reference that match audience list in the Google Ads type, you should be able to use it. Audiences will need to be over 1,000 matched contacts to work.


Also, not all Google Ads campaigns can use matched audiences. So it will depending a bit on Google.