Why Are My FB Lead Ad Forms Receiving Users' Phone Numbers But SMS Consent Isn't Recorded In Klaviyo?

  • 6 October 2021
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I have setup a Facebook Lead Form Ad to grow my email and SMS list. Everything seems to be great and the integration is working fine, but how do I get these to be subscribed to SMS when syncing via the FB integration? I look at their profiles, their number is there, but its not subscribing them to SMS. It’s subscribing them to email fine and the welcome series flow is being triggered, but it’s not for SMS.

Does this not work with FB Lead Form integration? Should I just ditch the form and have them go directly to the site and fill out my Klaviyo based form? (which is working properly). I would prefer to use the FB Lead form as this ad campaign is working great so far, just need to get the SMS part to work.


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Hi @BradSCJB


Welcome to the Community! Glad to see you want to incorporate SMS in your brand’s marketing strategy.


At this time, Facebook Lead Ads do not collect SMS consent and pass it into Klaviyo. For this reason we do not add a Klaviyo Consent profile property to profiles that are synced through a Facebook Lead Ad, but there are other ways to affirm their SMS consent.

One workaround option would be to trigger a Flow using the Filled Out Lead Ad metric where you can use a Click to Text Banner or link to a Subscribe page in the flow email to prompt your Facebook Leads to signup for SMS. 

With this new workaround, the workflow would be as follows: they fill out a Lead Ad, receive an email, and then text to join at which point their SMS consent would be confirmed and you can send them SMS messages in the future or add them to a SMS Welcome Flow that is triggered by the SMS consent metric.


Additionally, I suggest Back-Populating the Flow to include those who had already filled out the Lead Ad and given their SMS consent. This will ensure they receive an email from this new flow so their consent can be recorded. 


Finally, instead of creating this Flow, your other two options would be to manually upload a CSV of SMS consent to these profiles every so often or use Klaviyo's v2 List API to collect SMS consent Klaviyo's v2 List API to collect SMS consent. However, we recommend that you be familiar with the List V2 API before you choose the API option and would only do so if you feel comfortable custom coding or have access to a developer. 


Thanks for being a part of the Community! 



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This is extremely frustrating. The click-to-text banner is useless as it doesnt work in gmail or outlook. Asking them to manually text a number is too cumbersome.

Another frustration I have is when using a signup form embedded into a page on shopify, it doesnt load with the page instantly. Sometimes taking several seconds (7-10), other times not loading at all, causing a high bounce rate.

Seems like trying to collect leads successfully is a bust with Klaviyo.

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I don’t understand why I cannot create a flow to gather SMS consent. Klaviyo has their phone number. Why cant I text them for consent (hey, want to join our sms newsletter? Reply Yes)

Whats the difference between the Klaviyo form and the FB leads form? 

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Hi @BradSCJB


I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, I can definitely understand the frustration. I would love to explain more on this process to hopefully alleviate some of the things you’re feeling if at all possible.


I visited your site and can confirm that the form loaded for me instantly. I do not think this is an issue happening to everyone viewing the page however many aspects could play some users experiencing a long page load such as chosen browser, cache and cookies, virus protection on the computer etc. If you do not want to use a Click to Text Banner, you definitely do not have to do so, it is not your only option and we can eliminate that potential solution. 


Unfortunately, the reason why you couldn’t text users for consent, whose phone numbers you have currently, yet aren’t paired with consent, is due to how the phone number data is stored in Klaviyo. Receiving a phone number and the ‘consenting to SMS’ metric is different as rules around SMS are very strict. The way Facebook and Klaviyo register SMS consent isn’t the same. In order to stay in line with SMS compliance, Klaviyo records SMS consent in a very specific way. The workaround provided for you was to register the data received from Facebook in a way that is properly recorded in Klaviyo so you could act on the data as soon as possible.


However, I agree, this is unfortunately a weakness in the feature integration and might be more beneficial to use a Klaviyo-based Form as it would could cut the middle process out of the workflow and be a more direct, receive-and-act process when collecting SMS consent from your customers. 


Thank you for your valued input in this situation and for being a part of the Community!