WooCommerce: at checkout how to get "Company" field pushed into Klaviyo?

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It looks like Klaviyo’s plugin for Wordpress may not push the “Company” field at checkout into Klaviyo.

So we don’t have in Klaviyo the customer’s company name.

Has anyone found a way to get the “Company” field into Klaviyo when an order is made?  (or a cart is abandoned)?

Weird that this doesn’t work by default.

I’m a software developer so I can copy, paste, modify code if anyone can share.


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Hi @ScottCodes,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

We had another community member ask a similar question in the thread below

In short, although Klaviyo cannot add additional fields to the WooCommerce Started Checkout event like the company field, your goal can be achieved by either sending Klaviyo a custom Checkout Started event containing the field of your choosing (company) or you can send an identify request to Klaviyo. The latter method would allow you to update company as a custom property on a profile, instead of event data.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.

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Thanks Dov.

We’re writing the code to push that additional field.

I know this is outside your control, but it’s just weird that the default field named “Company” in WooCommerce doesn’t get pushed into Klaviyo automatically even though it may line up perfectly with Klaviyo’s default $organization field. 

Maybe I misunderstand what Klaviyo is doing.

As a result we have to write our own custom code  to push it.

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Hi @ScottCodes,

Thank you for your follow-up reply.

You are not misunderstanding anything at all. The company field just isn’t a field that we pull in from WooCommerce at this time. With that said, I have filed a a proposal for our product team to consider implementing it in the future. If we receive enough interest from the Klaviyo Community, the product team will take steps to implement this field by default for our integration with WooCommerce.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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We would like this as well.

It really baffles me that when Klaviyo did the initial “integration” they didn’t simply take all fields that are core in Woocommerce. Subtotal excl. VAT is also missing

I’d like this as well for my clients. Does Klaviyo have a public list of requested features where I can upvote this request?

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Hey @agentur_allison & @SDBradfo

I have added a product feature request on both of your behalf as well! Hopefully this will gain some traction, if there is any update on this in the future, we will update you in this thread!