WooCommerce Blocks - Started Checkout Not Working

  • 16 March 2021
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Something that I noticed recently is that the new woocommerce checkout block is not working with the started checkout trigger. Probably it’s a simple solution/reason that the new checkout block fills in the shipping details/email instead of the billing (the billing address is then copied from the shipping address). I’ve read that Klaviyo looks at the billing email to trigger the flow.

Here’s the post on the woocommerce blocks:


Do you think there’s a solution for this? One of the reasons I switched to Klaviyo was for the abandoned cart flow but since I‘ve moved to the block based checkout I’m losing out the sales.


Please let me know.  




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5 replies

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Hi @stevecachia

It’s definitely a little strange that the WooCommerce checkout block would suddenly stop working with the started checkout trigger (especially if it had been working before?). 

I would recommend checking to see if you have the most updated WooCommerce extension (it should be 2.4.0 instead of 2.3.6). You can update your integration by selecting Update Settings on the WooCommerce integrations settings page.


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Hi @cassy.lee 

Thank you for getting in touch. The Abandoned Flow was working when I was using the default Woo checkout. It’s only after I installed the Woo Checkout Blocks that the ‘Started Checkout’ is not being triggered. As I said before, I think I know why it’s not working. I’ve read on your documentation that Klaviyo’s Abandoned flow/started checkout is triggered when a customer with an account starts a checkout or a checkout is started and the user fills in the billing email. The issue is that the new WooCommerece Checkout Block has the shipping email as default and gets copied to the billing email after the order has been placed.


Please see screenshot below:



Although the details have been inputted nothing shows up on the Klaviyo Dashboard.

Please let me know if this will be fixed in the near future.




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Hi @stevecachia 


You’re absolutely right, the checkout block from the Woocommerce Blocks plugin does use a different input element that Klaviyo’s plugin does not listen for. However, the checkout block also doesn’t execute the ‘woocommerce_after_checkout_form’ action which Klaviyo’s plugin depends on for localizing the checkout data for the Started Checkout event.


I’ve added supporting Woocommerce Blocks checkout block as a feature request to our product board. Keep an eye out in future plugin versions for this feature.





Would you mind letting us know your roadmap for integration with WooCommerce Blocks? Both abandoned cart functionality and newsletter sign-up checkbox on checkout?

Is it just an idea on the product board or is it pipeline? We have several clients asking. High priority for us so would be good to know if coming this year?

Or if there’s any workarounds at present to integrate Klaviyo with blocks, it would be greatly received. As far as we’re aware, all Klaviyo cart/checkout functionality is currently incompatible.

Many thanks,

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Hello @SYLondon,

Thanks for the feedback! Functionality for supporting WooCommerce Blocks at checkout has been shared with our Product Team. However, at this time do not have any available updates to share regarding this feature request. When we do have news regarding this feature, i’ll she share to post follow up in this thread to update all Community followers. 

The current work around to use WooCommerce block with Klaviyo would be to leverage Klaviyo’s API to custom code the connection to allow WooCommerce Blocks to be passing a custom Started Checkout event to Klaviyo. This custom Started Checkout event would then replace the use of the standard WooCommerce Started Checkout event. 

You can find out how to create this custom connection from our following articles and documentation:

Keep in mind that with the use of the custom Started Checkout event, you would need to update your Abandoned Cart flow trigger to be using this new custom event in order for the flow to trigger properly. 

Thanks for be a member of the Klaviyo Community!