Abandoned Cart with Stripe

  • 9 April 2023
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Hello.  I have successfully integrated Klaviyo and Stripe and am amazed to see that there is no native Abandoned Cart.  Perhaps because Stripe is not the interface for the actual purchase?

Anyway - I have been trying to figure out a work around but have failed.  Does anyone have a solution?  Note - I mean abandoned cart, not a failed transaction because the card hasn’t worked.





Best answer by Brian Turcotte 10 April 2023, 19:13

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2 replies

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Hi @PaulyB!


Are you referring to setting up an Abandoned Cart flow? If so, you ought to still be able to select it from our default flow library, as it would be triggered by the same Started Checkout event (or a custom Add to Cart event) which is fired independent of the Stripe integration. Here’s an excerpt from our Help Center Article on the topic that explains this:


The most common type of abandoned cart flow uses the Started Checkout event as a trigger. This works by tracking:

  1. When someone adds an item to a cart and then proceeds to the checkout page.
    1. The event will trigger once the customer has filled out their contact information and proceeded to the shipping page or the page has been reloaded, depending on the integration. Contact information is required for creating a profile.
  2. If someone completes their purchase and places an order.

If someone adds an item to their shopping cart but does not make a purchase, this is considered an abandoned cart. You need to add a filter to prevent people who complete a purchase from continuing into the flow.


Therefore, it might be helpful for myself and other Community members to understand the issue better if you could explain a little more about what you mean by not having a “native Abandoned Cart”. Are you not seeing any abandoned cart flow in the library? Or are you stuck on choosing the metric that will trigger that flow? Typically, if a site-visitor is cookied and fires a Started Checkout event, the Stripe integration should not interfere.


The one thing that might cause an issue would be if you are using a third-party/custom checkout page, in which case you would have to create your own custom Started Checkout metric.


- Brian



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Thanks Brian.  This is very helpful.

Regarding the ‘native connection’ I was referring to the Klaviyo article here: and had taken failed payment to be that the card did not work.  However, you haave provided some extra clarity.  Thanks!