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  • 12 March 2024
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Have have just integrated Marsello with Klaviyo following the API instructions, but the data is being added to the wrong list. How do we update the API to get Marsello profiles to be added to a different list? 


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@agee32412354 hey, thanks for your question and welcome to the community!

Whilst I’m currently not sure if there’s an option to actually choose which list gets connected to Marsello data (I assume this is being pulled into your default main list), you can actually rope off people coming in from Marsello into a segment.

Use the “Properties about someone” qualifier, and select a unique property for your Marsello profiles, then create the segment. This will make sure you have full insight into who is coming from Marsello. This can then be used to filter people in or out of your flows, to send or exclude them from campaigns, and for reporting.

Hope this helped, happy to chat further!