Additional Resources, Consulting or White Glove Service for Klaviyo Community?

  • 16 November 2020
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What is missing from Klaviyo is a white glove treatment from an expert from Klaviyo. By providing this tool, you are assuming everyone wants to become an expert with Klaviyo and has countless hours to learn. The issue is many  « experts » from many tasks websites claim to be experts in Klaviyo and all they end up doing is setting up some basic flows. What would be beneficial is a Klaviyo service that can look at your current implementation, fine tune the flows based on best practices. We would then simply manage the process going forward and take our time understanding the whole system in an optimized state … the alternative is to piecemeal a few flows while you are live and learn on your clients ….  not a great idea!


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4 replies

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Hi @Pascal88 --

Thank you so much for this feedback.  We are working on some exciting trainings for the upcoming year to help you level up your Klaviyo usage -- you can sign up to receive notifications and see upcoming sessions here:


For the overall account audit,  one of our amazing Growth Success Managers put together a training on how to do an audit of your account -- showing you how to assess for fine-tuning and sharing best practices. I highly recommend this session to learn how to best optimize your account.

Additionally, if you are looking for some 1:1 help, I highly recommend checking out our Agency Partner directory. We’ve got some fantastic partners available to help guide your Klaviyo account to optimal performance!


Let me know if you have any questions and have a fantastic week!

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I don’t think you understand what I am asking or what white glove testament is? I have no time or interest in becoming a Klaviyo expert! It takes tremendous time to gain insight in what works and what doesn’t and doing a trial and error and learning on my client list is not an option. What I need is a real marketing Klaviyo expert to review current setup for best practices and adjust what needs to be adjusted to improve effectiveness. That is what is missing from your solution! You are assuming that everyone is really small and want to do everything themselves. That’s fine if you have few clients and can afford to trial and error your way to better email...

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The agency partner solution is also convoluted because we tried it and we either got someone that wanted $10000 just to take a look or we didn’t feel like they knew what they were doing.  What you need is an in between service option. You have either do it yourself or have someone else do it at +$10k. What most people would prefer is a Klaviyo expert review to perform a simple audit and outline at list of specific recommendations then my staff can then take the time and implement the recommendations

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Hi @Pascal88

Thank you for expanding more on your thoughts for a more tailored, white glove experience with Klaviyo. We definitely understand that many of our customers have different levels of capacity to spend time learning, and you bring up an excellent point. One thing that we are working more towards in the coming months is additional training and courses that allow our customers to upskill, but I understand your view on how that can be time consuming. As @Julie Hayes mentioned, our Partner program is one where the team has worked hard to build strong relationships with, and would be an ideal alternative in the interim for an in-house team. Additionally, the Growth Audit that Julie mentions would be a great place to start for an assessment, and perhaps taking that information to a certified Partner could be helpful. 

All in all, we do not offer a service like this at this time, but I’m happy to provide this feedback to our teams so that we can evaluate its impact to our valued customers and extended Klaviyo community.