Recap discussion: Designing Emails that Convert

  • 27 September 2021
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Whether you attended the live session or not, in this post you’ll find the session replay and all of the additional resources mentioned during the training. 

In this session, we cover:

  • Debunking the myths of email design

  • Elements of effective design

  • Klaviyo design productivity hacks

  • Examples of email designs that convert


Here is a list of articles and resources that will provide more tactical step-by-step guidance: 

Find walk-through videos on how to use our new template editor here!

Have additional questions, thoughts, or ideas? Share them below in the comments!

10 replies

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Very excited for this session later today :)  

@sdhar you may find this helpful given our discussion in this thread, I recommend checking out these resources as well! The video will be uploaded later this afternoon.


Just curious, who in this community watches these trainings, and is also a Klaviyo email expert that works with small ecomm businesses?


Hello @jennifer.brisebois 

Thank you for this training, it was so helpful. A question for you, you did not mention product blocks which we use a lot for one of the brands - is this something we should avoid. Is there a best practice?



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@emilycavanagh You’re so welcome, I’m glad you found it helpful! Product blocks are a super useful block that can help you feature products. Today’s training was more focused on high-level layout, but product blocks are definitely a recommended way to promote people purchasing a specific product. 

A lot of the email examples we looked at were for brand new products or new colors, so there was more hype to build around them. I’d recommend using product blocks to promote products that are not brand-new (Best Sellers are a great use case for product blocks). Dynamic product blocks are also great if you’re trying to customize the offering to be relevant to the reader. 

If you DO include a product block, treat that as your CTA. I would avoid trying to get people to take two very different actions in the same email (IE. Read our policy update AND buy this new product). 

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Thanks for running the webinar today! Is there a download link for the presentation file, not just the video?

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@ThunderKatie So glad you could make it to the training! We actually don’t distribute the presentation slides in their own file. Sorry for any inconvenience there. 


Thankyou for sharing the link, Im based in Australia and the session times are usuallu around 2 or 3am - the recorded segments shared after the session are fantastic.  

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@FromAustralia Our team hopes to be able to start hosting live trainings at a time that is more convenient for our friends over in Australia and the other side of the globe. In the meantime, I’m glad that the replays are helpful!


that would be amazing, I shall join all the ones I need & wait for the recordings to be shared.

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Hi @Seb, @NJVasic, @Emily C, @GAS, @CHLB22, and @emazingkit!


I noticed that all of you attended our last live training that focused on designing emails that convert. Would love to get a chat going about what all you learning from that training! What stood out? What surprised you? What do you want to investigate further? 


I wonder if any of you had similar or differing thoughts that would benefit being sharing out with everyone!


So happy to see our members growing in their Klaviyo skills! You guys rock!