Recap discussion: [Interactive workshop] Segments for inboxing success

  • 5 July 2022
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Welcome! Let’s keep the conversation going from our Segments for inboxing success workshop. This is a collaborative space to post any additional questions or share any of your own segmenting strategies/wins (or lessons learned).


During this session, we learned:

  • how to build an engaged and unengaged segment (with iOS 15 in mind)

  • the impact that segmenting has on your account’s deliverability

  • segmenting best practices

Additional resources: 


Are you currently incorporating engaged and unengaged segments into your campaign sends? If yes, how are you using them?

6 replies

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A few more helpful docs from today! 

Great discussion and engagement, team! 


Happy Sending 😊

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I am new to Klaviyo and has just made an integration to my MailChimp account. 

I have then build a 30 days Engaged segment:

Not Suppressed AND
Is in main mailing list AND
Has opened email in last 30 days OR
Has clicked email in last 30 days OR
Has been added to main mailing list in last 15 days


When looking in this segment it is more and less all profiles in my list, that are included in the segment. 

Is this because they are all just added to Klaviyo?


Best Regards 



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Hi @Erik-Gilpa!

You’re exactly right- since you are so new to Klaviyo and likely uploaded all those contacts to the account very recently (IE within the last 15 days). You can either:

  • Omit that last statement for now and add it back once you’re beyond 15 days with Klaviyo
  • Reduce the time frame in that statement to something smaller, like 3 or 5 days- basically something more recent than when you migrated over to Klaviyo

Please make sure to also add your MailChimp engagement to this segment, so you isolate recent engagers on both platforms. So your definition will read:

  • Is in main mailing list AND
  • Is not suppressed for email AND
  • Has opened a mailchimp email in the last 30 days OR
  • Has opened a Klaviyo email in the last 30 days OR
  • Has clicked a mailchimp email in the last 30 days OR
  • Has clicked a Klaviyo email in the last 30 days

Hope this helps!



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Hi @carluccigillian 


Thanks - that makes sense. 


I was not aware that I could add my MailChimp engagement to the segment - this is great - I love Klaviyo :-)



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We are happy to help! And happy you’re on Klaviyo 😊

This doc shows you how to find those MailChimp metrics if you need to see it visually! 

And if you ever need help when you’re building in Klaviyo, don’t hesitate to contact us via the Support button in the top banner. We are here to help!

Happy Sending! 

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Thanks @carluccigillian 👍🏼