Recap discussion: [Strategy session] Conquer Cyber Weekend with a data-driven sending strategy (for small/midsize businesses)

  • 23 September 2022
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Hi there,


Whether you were able to attend our session live or not, you can find the recording below.


In this session, we covered:

  1. Understanding Cyber Weekend
  2. Reviewing last year’s Cyber Weekend performance
  3. Crafting your Cyber Weekend sending strategy




Downloadable content calendar: 


Useful links:


Additional learning resources: 


Do you have a question you didn’t get a chance to ask during the session? Comment it below and we’ll be happy to help!

5 replies

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I am sorry. I still don't see metrics like unsubscribes, spam etc. related to the question below. 

Where are delivery metrics in this file. I cannot find them. Only opens and clicks etc.


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Hi Jan,

Your open and click rates are part of your deliverability metrics, sorry that was not clear! If subscribers are not opening/clicking your emails, it sends a signal to inbox providers that they’re not interested in your content which can give you a bad sender reputation.


To see how your unsubscribe and spam rates stack up to your peers, you can use the Benchmarks features:


I hope that was helpful!


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Thanks. That makes sense now. I am confused by my Benchmarks though. As an example, here are my August Email Benchmarks and they meet the expectations for my industry (apparel and accessories) but many of my ratings are fair or poor. What am I missing? 


Your Performance

Your Value


Median (Peers)


Open Rate





Click Rate





Click Through Rate





Placed Order Rate






Email Revenue Per Recipient





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Our public benchmarks are based on industry-wide data, whereas the data in your Benchmarks section is based on your personalized group of peers. Peer groups are a set of 100 companies that are similar to your own in industry, size, and scope (e.g., average item value, total revenue, year over year growth rate) and campaign characteristics (e.g., percent of days with a campaign sent and revenue percentage). 


This means that compared to your industry average, you’re doing ok. However peers in your group are doing better, which means you can too!

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If I take a closer look, it seems your ecommerce conversion rates is “the problem area” here. A few things you should consider trying:

  • improve your on-site experience (conversion optimization)
  • test out different promotional strategies to see what resonates best with each audience