Black Friday / Cyber Monday Quick Start Strategy for Those New to Klaviyo

  • 20 November 2020
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are days away. If you don’t have a plan in place and are new to Klaviyo, we’ve got you covered. Follow the 10 steps below to make sure you make the most of the merriest time of the year for ecommerce businesses!

  1. Integrate your ecommerce platform with Klaviyo (5 min)
    To start, you’ll need to integrate your ecommerce platform with your Klaviyo account. This is to ensure that you have all of your data in one place so you can send relevant, personalized messages to your customers.
  1. Sync your contacts from your previous email service provider (ESP) (10 min)
    If you’re coming from another ESP, make sure to pull all of your contacts and their data into Klaviyo. If you are brand new to email marketing, you don’t need to worry about this step.
  1. Integrate with Facebook (5 min)
    If you’re planning to run paid advertising campaigns on Facebook or Instagram, integrate with Facebook so you can harness the power of Klaviyo segmentation to target people on multiple channels as well as creating lookalike audiences from Klaviyo segments.
  2. Set up an abandoned cart flow (10 min)
    Abandoned cart flows are crucial for ecommerce businesses as they usually have the highest open, click, and revenue per recipient of all of your flows. Set up your flow to ensure that customers follow through on their purchases. 
  1. Send at least 3 campaigns before you start sending for BFCM:
  • Your first day on Klaviyo, send to a 30-day engaged segment (30 min)
  • Your fourth day on Klaviyo, send to a 60-day engaged segment (30 min)
  • Your seventh day on Klaviyo, send to a 90-day engaged segment (30 min)

    This is to ensure you’re hitting the inbox for all of your important BFCM messages.
  1. Create key segments (10 min)
    Segmentation is key to making sure you’re delivering personalized messages. Some best practice segments to have for BFCM are the following:
  • VIP customers
  • Last year's BFCM purchasers
  • Post-Thanksgiving purchasers
  • Window shoppers
  • Profiles who have not opted in
  • Non-opted-in EU contacts
  1. Temporarily decrease your smart sending window to 4 hours (1 min)
    Because BFCM messages are extremely time sensitive, you want to decrease your smart sending window so that customers don’t miss out on the opportunity to shop with you and save. Make sure you change this setting back to 16 hours after your promotions are done.
  1. Create a content schedule
    To make your brand seem organized and strategic, create a content schedule that will ensure you’re giving your audience ample time and reminders to capitalize on deals and shop with you. 
  1. Create a content strategy
    Like a content schedule, you should also consider the different offers you’ll give to different groups of customers with your content strategy. Sending the same message to everyone won’t deliver the best results, loyal shoppers like a personalized shopping experience.
  1. Create and schedule your campaigns (2 hrs)
    After you’ve done all the prep work, make your campaigns to send for the BFCM weekend. You can schedule your messages in advance according to your content schedule.

By following these steps to prepare, you can ensure that on Thanksgiving you’ll be eating a second slice of pumpkin pie instead of stressing at your laptop. For a deep dive into last minute BFCM prep, check out the BFCM crash course on the knowledge base! 

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