LFYL Recap: Living Proof - June 15, 2021

  • 19 June 2021
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Hey All, here’s a quick recap of the Live From Your Laptop session with Living Proof.   I’ll add [Manny’s Notes] to stuff that wasn’t discussed in the session but may add some color to the topic.


If you missed the session, you can find a recording here: 



Who Was On There:

  • Tiffany Carroca, eCommerce Manager @ Living Proof

  • Karina Santiago, eCommerce Coordinator @ Living Proof (shoutout to Karina for going through the Q’s while only being at LP for less than a year!)


Segment, segment, segment!

Knowing who their email subscribers are and their preferences looks to be a very important strategy for Living Proof (as it should be for all).  But, it looks like they try to get people in the right categories from the start - with their pop-up and hair care quiz.

It should be for all brands, but some products/businesses can get away with figuring that part out after subscribers sign up. 

Let’s jump straight into tactics.  Not too much in terms of number of tactics discussed, but the ones that were are key 🔑 to healthy growth from the email channel.



  • Growth of their online business came from 2 primary areas

    • Paid media campaigns (social + search)

      • Ie. especially around new product launches

    • Getting people in their email list 

      • Pop-ups - primarily new visitor + exit intent

    • The online quiz is good for lead gen and segmentation

      • Built through their platform eComm platform - Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • Segmentation is VERY important

    • Example segments include:

      • Hair type

      • High value customer

      • One time purchaser

      • Travel sized purchasers

    • [Manny’s Notes] No list is too small to segment! If you haven’t already started thinking about what type of customers you have and what different uses do they have for your product. Karina touches on it a bit in the session.  For example, for people who’ve purchased Travel Sized products, they can reach out to them again to see if they want to upgrade to a full size for their home.  Or one time purchasers, where did they come from? If it came from a viral product/campaign, how do you get them to try other products?

This can be done with almost any business! If you think you can't comment below or reach out and let’s brainstorm :)


  • Campaigns ideas that work for Living Proof that are not driven around sales/discounts:

    • Gift with purchase

    • New products

    • Educational

    • Monthly round-ups

    • Launches

  • [Manny’s Notes] I love this, only sending emails that revolve around sales/discounts/making a purchase can train your subscribers to only buy and watch out for those messages.  But there’s a ton of other ways you can add value to their lives with information.  I love the education Living Proof does. It builds trust which will eventually lead to sales. 

  • Top Flows

    • Welcome flow is their best performing flow

    • Abandoned cart

      • 2 touches within 6 hours

    • Winback flow

      • 90 day inactive - send a message with a reminder if product is running low

        • Subject line: “Hey, over hair”

        • Content: Your refill is waiting

      • [Manny’s Notes] This is such an important point - know how your customers buy and use your product.  The nature of Living Proof’s product is great for predictable repeatable sales.  If they don’t see someone coming back in 90 days, they send a reminder message (note the wordplay in the subject line - show’s their personality).  I didn’t see this on their site (maybe they have it built into the backend offers), but having a subscription service may work well here if you also have products like these.


This session wasn’t as in-depth as prior episodes, but still worth a watch, check out the recording!

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Hey @Manny Singh,

Thank you so much for the great recap!

I especially loved your callout on how no list is too small to segment and how sending emails pertaining to sales and discounts can train your subscriber to only look out for these messages. Your point reminds me of the following Klaviyo blogs:

Thanks again!