💻 LFYL Recap: Nuud - June 24, 2021

  • 26 June 2021
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Hey All, here’s a quick recap of the Live From Your Laptop session (EMEA Edition) with Nuud.    I’ll add [Manny’s Notes] to stuff that wasn’t discussed in the session but may add some color to the topic.


If you missed the session, you can find a recording here: 



Who Was On There:

  • Rosie Wingate, Klaviyo

  • Martijn Van Seters, Co-Founder @ Nuud

  • Ieva Stuikyte, Head of Digital @ Nuud


Okay, so, I’ve never heard of Nuud before.  Maybe it’s a North American thing? Here, the big natural deodorant story is Native.  However, I’m VERY intrigued by their product after watching this webinar. A vegan anti-odorant that is effective for 3-7 days?!  


Here’s the backstory, started in 2017.  Things really started taking off in 2019 when they focussed on influencer marketing and paid ads.  In fact, influencer marketing is so 🔑 to them, they have a team SEVEN doing influencer marketing.


Currently, their list size is about 300K and surprisingly they don’t segment much (lots of opportunities there).


They’re running on 8 Shopify stores (regions/languages) and each store has its own Klaviyo account!


~30% of revenue comes from email 😲.  Subscription revenue is only 5-10% of their sales.  Their repeat customers are coming from email reminders vs signing up for subscriptions (like the co-founder, I’d think subscriptions would be MUCH higher for this business).



  • Philosophy of respecting their audience’s inbox.  Not being too pushy and not sending irrelevant content 👉 "people get hit with too many sales emails these days”

    • [Manny’s Notes] 💯. So, that other deodorant brand I mentioned earlier - complete opposite philosophy.  You get hit with daily messages to try and push to a purchase until you do.  Honestly, it’s a common thread I see in the NA market.  Especially in the welcome flow.  If they haven’t purchased something by the time the flow is done, then move on to the next person (heck, I’m guilty of setting up funnels like that).

However, I really like this way of thinking.  BUILD THE RELATIONSHIP.  Be relevant and when the subscriber is ready, they’ll buy.

  • They send out no more than 1 campaign email per week and it’s mostly content related messages vs promotional.

  • [Manny’s Notes] Something that wasn’t mentioned during the call, but I noticed when signing up to their list is the branding is on-point at every touchpoint.  An email that isn’t often customized is the double opt-in to confirm your subscription email.  99% of brands I see using Klaviyo leave this as the default Klaviyo theme.  However, Nuud has customized it to make it very on-brand. Check it out here:


  • Top Flows

    • Welcome flow is their best performing flow (as-is with most brands!)

      • They’re getting an open rate of ~78% on the first email and about 30-40% on the 2nd and 3rd emails

    • Post-Purchase Flow

      • They split the flow between 1st timers and repeat purchasers

        • For first timers it’s more educational and over time try to get them to repeat

        • For repeat customers, the goal is to offer subscriptions and send reminders at a regular interval (based on what average usage would be for their product)

      • [Manny’s Notes] Usually in these sessions, the Welcome, Abandoned Cart and Abandoned Browse flows get the love.  It was great to see someone talk about the Post Purchase flow.  It’s very underrated, IMO, and it’s a great place to build a relationship with your customer and get that seed of repeat purchase in their head. 

    • Sunset flow (this wasn’t mentioned as a top flow, but a way to clean their lists - since managing 8 accounts can be hard!!)

  • [Manny’s Notes] This isn’t email related, but something interesting that was touched on.  If you look at their site, they don’t have many products.  Basically 1 product in a few bundle/size packs. However, one way they created a new “product” is to change the packaging colour.  At this time, they had a black tube.  Supposedly, these coloured packaging packs provide a nice sales boost. 

This was VERY interesting to hear about. When I think of new products, it’s always about the product itself.  Maybe new scents, shapes, colours to the product itself and not changed the package only.  I thought this was creative. 


This was my first EMEA session and I loved it. Worth a watch!

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Hey @Mailbox Manny,

Thank you so much for the recap! 

NUUD’s strategy of respecting their audience’s inbox and not being too pushing is something I absolutely love! Quality over quantity. 

Great observation on the double opt-in being customized! Often times I believe these emails aren’t customized due to the limited customization capabilities of them, but NUUD gives a great example that limited customization does not mean the capability and availability is not there. Another area that I see that is often times not given a lot of love is the unsubscribe and the manage preference page; once again due to their editing limitations.