Any Shopify Apps that can pass recommended product IDs to Klaviyo custom property?

  • 11 August 2021
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Hi everyone! I’m new here but been using Klaviyo for a while.

Wondering, does anyone know of a Shopify app that can pass the Product IDs of Recommended Products to a Klaviyo custom property (as array), to achieve a similar result as what’s shown here in this article?

Many thanks in advance for any App suggestions! I’ll do my best to help out here in the forums when I can. 😊 


Recommended products custom property (array)


1 reply

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Hello @FarOut,

At present Klaviyo doesn’t have any native integrations that would support setting a Product’s IDs as a custom profile property as an array. Though, this does make me curious as to what third-party apps there are that does support this function who may have created their own integration to sync this information to Klaviyo.

Would love to hear what some of our other Community member’s thoughts on this were and if anyone has any app suggestions, I would love to learn more about them!