Automated Coupons for Shopify Orders. Case: Customer Orders 2 times the same products has to get 2 different codes. Always receives the same.

  • 4 March 2022
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Hey at all, 

we want to sell a gift card and created two coupon lists. 

  1.  if customer orders 1 product he gets coupons from list 1
  2.  if customer orders 2 products he gets coupons from list 2

We built up the flow:

Trigger: Order, SKU equals XXX. And Quantity equals 1


And we also build another flow for the case a customer orders 2 products:

Trigger: Order, SKU equals XXX. And Quantity equals 2


Now it happens that customers who order 2 times the product receive the first mail 2 times with the same code but from coupon list 1. How can me make sure that if a customer orders that special sku 2 times in one order, that he receives a coupon code from the list 2 and not 2 times list 1?


Thank you so much.


BR Lukas


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4 replies

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Hi @Lschmitz92,

Thanks for sharing this with the community.

You’ll want to use the “Placed Order” metric for this instead, because “Placed Order” can “handle” multiple items in a single event whereas “Ordered Product” can only “handle” one item per event. So the result when someone orders two items is two separate “Ordered Product” events, each with quantity 1 which triggers the flow twice, compared to a single “Placed Order” event containing both items. For more information on “Ordered Product” vs “Placed Order”, I recommend checking out our guide on this in the thread here:

So you’ll have Placed Order as the trigger (you can clone the flow to easily change the trigger) and then “Items = X (in place of SKU) AND item count = 2” for your second flow. Item count refers to the number of discrete items in the order. Here’s an example:

Thanks for being a member of our community.

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Thank you so much, will test it now :)! And give you feedback!

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Hey @Dov , just tried it with a test order. Unfortunately, the flow wasnt triggered. Can you see why? Thank you!

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Hi @Lschmitz92,

Thanks for your reply.

So my above example will work if the item count (discrete number of items in the cart = 2) but if they order two of the same item (which is what I think you are asking, after re-reading your reply) is a little trickier to do since we cannot yet include “Quantity” in the “Placed Order” filter. However, we should still use “Placed Order” as the trigger.

You’ll notice I’ve changed the filters from “Trigger filters” to “Flow Filters” to allow us to make appropriate use of both the “Placed Order” and “Ordered Product” metrics. They are separated by “AND” to ensure the user meets both requirements to qualify for the flow.


The filters here use “equals” to target users on their first order, and only for this specific item or SKU.

In this case, user 1 places an order for item X. They have two units of this item X in their cart, so quantity = 2. In absence of having a quantity filter for “Placed Order”, we use the number of “Ordered Product” events corresponding to that SKU to pull people into the flow. So we’re saying, look for two Ordered Product events with this SKU and also ensure that it’s only in a single placed order event. 

If you want to retroactively pull users in this this flow, you can backpopulate your flow after putting in the above filters. For a more detailed explanation on how backpopulation works in metric-triggered flows (like this) please see my post below

I hope that helps :)