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  • 15 January 2022
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Hello People,

I have found this post: 

The recommendation here is to run multiple stores + Klaviyo accounts… Shopify Markets is in Beta now, the benefit is to sell to multiple markets from one store. Therefore, the recommendation seems to be a bit outdated, since the benefit of Shopify Markets is to sell internationally from one single store. As far as I understood, it is more ore less the same technology and options Shopify offers today but bundled differently. 

We currently run our store in EN but are about to add DE as a second language. Customer marketing+forms and so on has to be bilingual too. 

Is there a Best Practice approach how to run (lists, flows, forms, content, ...) in multiple languages without unnecessary overhead?



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Hello @luckyluke,

That’s a great question!

Our Product Team is still exploring how this new Shopify Market feature will play a role in interacting with Klaviyo. At present, it is still best practice to run one Klaviyo accounts per Shopify store until we have further results on the new feature. @Dov also has a great explanation of why linking only one store per Klaviyo account is still recommended in the following Community post:

Since this feature is still in Beta, I would also suggest reaching out to Shopify to see if they can provide any further details regarding this feature. If you haven’t already we also offer a great Academy course on running a mulinational business that may help you on your way to launching a new store! 

Once our Product Team has any further news or update after scoping out the Shopify market feature, we’ll be sure to share the news publicly!

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!




Thank you @David To !

I took a look at the webinar, is there a best practice approach how to orchestrate multiple languages in one Klaviyo account (and one Shopify account)?

We do not want to add the complexity of multiple accounts on both sides since language has priority and we can handle that easy in one shop.


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Hey @luckyluke,

Outside of having multiple Klaviyo and Shopify accounts for the various languages, we would suggest identifying these various language user in one Klaviyo account through profile property. The easiest way to collect this information is through a signup form. You can learn more about collecting language preferences from the past Community topics that were discussed. 

With your subscribers tagged, it would all be a matter of how you organize your contacts in your Klaviyo account through the use of various lists and segments. If you’re having trouble organizing your account, I would further suggest speaking with some of our wonderful Klaviyo Partners who can help with this!


Hello Klaviyo Team,

Any news on the integration with Shopify Markets? This is a very important, must-have feature for international stores.

Thank you!

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Hey @Rubens,

At present, we don’t have any updates regarding how the Shopify Market features will connect with Klaviyo. 

I would also suggest following this thread as we’ll be providing an update in this thread with any news we hear! I would also anticipate an outreach with this exciting news when it does become available!


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We are looking at moving to Shopify markets but have different pricing for the US and Canada. Is there a way to select different pricing/ override pricing for specific segments if we segmented out each countries customers?

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Hey @heluski,

I think the two below Community post may be relevant to answering your question:

Whenever you’re dealing with different countries and different currencies, we highly recommend using multiple Klaviyo accounts with each country specific store connected with their own account for the aforementioned reasons in the above topics. 

Although nothing would be stopping you from creating specific emails that contained different pricing to be sent to a specific recipient group, keep in mind that there may be some additional ramifications in doing so. One example would be the difference in the currency conversions. Because Klaviyo only supports one currency type per account, using one Klaviyo account to market to multiple different currencies can cause some inaccuracies in reporting. 

I’ve seen cases where this was feasible within accounts, however it does take a lot of active management within the account to ensure you aren’t sending the incorrect emails to users. Additionally, there may be some a number of custom aspects you’ll want to incorporate to maintain the data accuracy such as using a custom checkout page to ensure the currency conversion is applied. 




is there any update on this ?

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Hey @Pooja,

At this time we don’t have any available update regarding Shopify Markets and how it would connect with Klaviyo. When there’s any news we could share, rest assured that we’ll update this thread with any relevant news we can provide!


Hi we are also looking for an updated to this thread. ✌


Looking for an update on this as well.