Can flows be created with segment or list with customers already sitting in those list and still trigger?

  • 23 November 2021
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Been using Klaviyo flows but noticed that’s it’s restricted to work on the basis of triggers so if I create a segment or list with customers who are already in my database, they won’t trigger the flow I have set up. The flow is ONLY triggered if the customer enters the segment for the first time after the flow is set-up. I find this super restrictive. It means flows cannot be created for customers who are already on the base and then are segmented to already sit in a list before the flow is live. 

Is there a way around this or is the only solution to send a normal campaign manually to customers already in a segment or list. Lots of other ESPs allow in database segmented customers to go into flows - also if they are already on the list or segmented then they are already organically added to the database. 




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8 replies

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Hi @AmmaO,

Thanks for sharing this question with the Klaviyo community. This is a great question and the answer is yes!

In order to place recipients who are already on a list or segment through a flow, you will need to backpopulate the flow. Keep in mind, users can only go through a list-triggered or segment-triggered flow once, therefore using backpopulate will only queue users up who were in your list or segment and never went through the respective flow. When you backpopulate any list or segment triggered flow, you will be presented with two options when you click the “Back-Populate” button.

You’ll want to select the 2nd radio button: “Schedule for each step relative to when I click the back-populate button”. This will queue-up all users already present in the list or segmegnt from the top of the flow.

Also ensure that your flow emails are in live mode when you are actioning the backpopulation and that there are no flow filters that would prevent users from entering the flow.

I hope that’s helpful!

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Hi, thanks that was useful. However, I just tried it and because my flow has coupons it won’t back populate. Is there a way around this please? 


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Hi @AmmaO,

Yes, since we cannot backpopulate flows with dynamic coupon codes, the workaround here would be to temporarily remove the coupon, back-populate and add the coupon back in immediately after. You may want to save the block the coupon code is contained in, to remove and add it back in with ease.

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OK, thanks. If I do that, will customers who are back populated receive an email without their coupon though? The first email in the flow contains a coupon. Just want to make sure, I don’t end up sending emails to customers without the coupons they need. 

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Hi @AmmaO,

Thanks for that information. Yes, potentially. There are a few ways around that. 1) Temporarily insert a static coupon code (that would be created in your ecommerce platform) and insert it into the first flow email. We can still backpopulate with a static coupon code present in the flow, and then swap that out for the unique coupon code to ensure a coupon code is delivered initially. 2) Alternatively or additionally, add a short time-delay before the first flow email to give yourself time to remove/add coupon codes.

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This is the most annoying BUG in Klaviyo “users can only go through a list-triggered or segment-triggered flow once”, why is the platform so restrictive, I want people who submit a popup to go through a flow every, single, time… I thought I could get round this nonsense by adding and then removing them from segments but I’m honestly struggling here. 

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Hey @CKUK 

Im sorry for the frustration you are feeling. I hope I can share a possible workaround to consider.

The only possible workaround I can think of for this would be to:

1. Have you main sign up form for new customers, but target it so it only shows up for new customers and not existing profiles.
2. Create second sign up form which shows only to existing profiles and submits them to a new list.
3. Then you could build a 3rd and choose for it to only show to people that are in the other two lists.

I know this can lead to multiple lists and flows but as it's list triggered this is the only way for them to receive multiple multiple flows without creating a custom trigger event with a developer. If you have a developer to work with, you can create a custom triggered event based on signup and then create a Event triggered flow that would allow customers to move through the flow every time the signup event is recorded.

Hope this helps!

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I’m doing something similar but using properties in flow to assign them to be in a segment next time, in theory I could build 100 segments/properties to get someone to go in again and again but it’s a silly workaround. I think the best solution is to not use the popups in Klaviyo and use another platform and the API to create a metric event which can be used again and again in a flow