Can I Edit Default Klaviyo properties or Automatically Add Custom Properties to Profiles?

  • 27 September 2021
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There are a couple of questions what the client is asking.

  1. Can we edit the default Klaviyo properties? E.g the client wants to rename “campaign” as “initial source campaign”?
  2. I know, there is a way to add custom properties and I can map these through exporting/importing profiles, but how about new users cum customers. Do I have to always import/export or we can do some changes in the api and map automatically? My site is in shopify. 

An early response and solution will be appreciated. 


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Hi @sanjay-accorin


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Unfortunately, no you can’t edit Klaviyo Properties as these properties are the default information Klaviyo logs about your customers. Like you mentioned, the only way to customize or edit these properties would be to utilize Custom Properties. While you can’t change the title of a Klaviyo’s Default Property, you can identify the original ‘source’ and ‘campaign’ of how a profile was introduced through Initial Source Tracking, which is listed the ‘How They Found You’ Tab in a profile. Do you mind sharing a little more on why you’re looking to change the name or what you want to achieve through this? 




You are correct, Manually Updating Custom Properties through a CSV Upload is a viable option when wanting to bulk update your profiles. However, there are many other options available for adding custom properties to users. For instance, if you’re looking to add update a profile who has just ordered their first order and turned from users to customer like you mentioned, you could ‘Add a Property’ to a user traveling down a ‘ Post-Purchase Flow’ to further identify and tag them atomically instead of manually. Additionally, you could Asks Users to Update Their Custom Properties through signup forms, your subscribe/manage preference page, or a call-to-action on a campaign. If neither of options fit exactly what you’re looking for can add custom properties to profiles via our Track API that would map profiles automatically. 


I recommend checking out another post made by a user in the Community on a similar topic! 


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