Creating new list based on a question from newsletter?

  • 15 May 2021
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Hello everyone, Im wanting to create a new segment of customers that would be interested in submitting feedback for my store and products. I want to ask everyone if they’d be willing to get emailed polls once in a while. I basically want to ask them stuff like “what size shirt do you wear” and send out an email to them with a link to an advanced poll. Im just not sure my newsletter is the right place to put these polls as people might think its spam. I’d be asking in my newsletter if they would mind being added to a new segment. Hopefully this makes sense.


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Hello @MammothHeadwear,

Thanks for being a member of the Klaviyo Community!

Great idea you have here of wanting to ask your recipients for permission before sending out these feedback requests!

I would recommend either including a question within your Manage Preference page to allow users to update their own preference to provide you feedback or using the Update Profile Property function within your Newsletter emails to ask customers if they were interested in providing feedback. 

Both of these strategies are also discussed in similar Community Posts below:

Using either or both strategies would allow you to create a segment of customers who are interested in providing feedback using a rule such as “Properties about someone, Provide Feedback equals Yes”. This segment would then be capturing customers who have either updated their preferences through the manage preference page or have clicked on a button or hyperlink in your email to update their profile property. 

I hope this helps! I’d also be interested in seeing what other strategies other Community members have used that were effective for them.