How to collect properties for each recipient?

  • 5 April 2022
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Hi everyone,


I am looking to send out an email to learn what kind of emails each customer is interested in. I plan on using buttons for each of the properties they can choose from. Currently how it’s set up: there are 4 buttons and when the customer clicks one, it leads them to a webpage. If they click the back button, they can go back to the email and click another button so that they can add a second property to their profile. However, most people don’t go back to their original email again, so it is unlikely that the customer will choose more than one button, if they are interested in more than one kind of email content. 


Is there any way to have a mutli select button option in the email itself, and then have a submit button once they select all that apply? And simply have one pop up webpage after they have submitted? 


I plan to use the properties they choose to add them to different segments based on what kind of emails they like to receive. The multi select option would allow them to have multiple properties added to their profiles, in case they want to get more than one type of email.


Any advice is appreciated! 


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Hey @Grace T,

In addition to @max77’s awesome suggestion, I’ve also seen instances where users will direct their recipients to a manage preference page which is highlighted more prominently in their emails to achieve a similar goal. To learn more about this method, you can take a look at the Guide to Understanding Opt-in Related Pages for a List and How to Custom Code an Unsubscribe or Manage Preferences Page Help Center articles. 

@retention also provides a third solution that incorporates both Max’s suggestion and the manage preference option in the Community post below:


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I would use the link to send customers to a webpage with a Klaviyo form in it. You can build out an embedded form to plug into a specific site page. The forms have a block that allows for multicheck boxes which I believe can each be tied to a different property value. You’ll need to link the form with a list, but I’d just make a dummy list since you care more about getting different values to build out customer segments.

We have a set up like this running on our newsletter sign up page and it works pretty well. Should work similarly if you send it to existing customers as a campaign, but I’d test it yourself first to make sure.