How to get Shopify language Data to Segment List?

  • 18 February 2021
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We want to use klaviyo for sending newsletter. Currently our shopify store has 2 languages, french and english. Customers and subscribers are added in a klaviyo list automatically, however there is no language information...?

Inside shopify, there are filters to segment customer into different language lists, but this data doesnt seem to get transfered to klaviyo…?

We need to somehow get the language information for each customer/subscriber in order to send them newsletter in the correct language… How can this be done? What is the easiest method to achieve this?

We are using shopify native multi language feature, but will also be adding a language addon to better control/manage translations. We would be using one of the addon that officially support the native shopify language feature here :
Any recommendations? Would one of these allow us to more easily get the language data in shopify?

3 replies


Hi Omar,

Thanks for the reply, some comments:

  • Concerning using separate stores for separate countries. Maybe its something we will do in the future but this doubles all costs and we are trying to avoid it if possible for now. Also, in this specific case, FRENCH and ENGLISH are both official language for Canada.
  • Adding the language in the form is a potential solution, but we’d like to avoid it again… people are already browsing the website in their preferred language, so it’s unnecessary to ask them to pick a language for the newsletter imho.
  • We do have multi-language that changes the DOMAIN… I didnt think this would work with Klaviyo display filtering rules but i tested it and it works! I can create a EN popup and a FR popup with filtering for domains. The problem is, i cannot add any automatic tag to subscribers from either popup… so the FR popup will add contacts to the list but it wont add any tag/data to say that this person has the French language… This would force me to have 1 list for FR and one list for EN… Also, this would only be possible for klaviyo embedded forms / popup… so for example it wouldnt work when people subscribe during checkout.
  • Not sure exactly how it would work for tag manager, by default i know shopify doesnt let you embed the tag manager script… but there are workarounds. Nevertheless, i dont see how tag manager would send language value to klaviyo about each contact / subscribers. Might be possible, but i have no idea what this involves exactly.
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Hi @Loons,

There are a couple of ways to go about this.

Separate sites - separate accounts
For the end user I think this creates the best experience.
Why? Let's say you're target audience 1 is from France and second is from UK or USA or maybe even another EU country.
Trying to do all with 1 Shopify shop will i.e. add a lot of irrelevant payement options or just simply because in France it's 10€ while in most other EU countries it's €10. These small differences have a big impact on specific country related relevant differences. Having 2 sites and 2 separate Klaviyo accounts will also keep things much clearer. Each country is different and tailoring and being relevant to specific countries just increases your conversions. Also, Klaviyo can set 1 default currency which is getting used, multicurrency, without some fancy updating and customized work will probably be an issue since dynamic products have 1 price which is the main price of the shop.


That being said if you do feel you want to go the one account for klaviyo and shopify route you could add the question in signup forms which language they prefer and also adding that in a welcome flow to gather some additional info.

If you're using multilanguage that also changes the URL for each language (/EN/ or /FR/) you could use this as a way of filtering people. Even maybe adding a flow that adds a custom profile tag with latest language used.

Last you could use something like Tagmanager (or just code it in your site) to send an event or profile property with the latest language use.

Hope it helps.




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Hi there,

It may make sense to make a call to Klaviyo’s Identify API to tag user profiles with a property indicating their preferred language. Langify is one example of an app used by some Shopify merchants to allow site visitors to switch between languages. Langify in particular does include the selected language within the “note_attributes” property on some of the events that come into Klaviyo; however, Langify does not actually tag profiles in Klaviyo with selected language.

I am not aware of a Shopify language app that automatically tags profiles in Klaviyo with the selected language, but other merchants might be able to make more detailed recommendations of other Shopify apps to help with this.

Within Klaviyo, you would likely want to maintain two separate segments or lists for English and French, based on the language preference profile property that has been set either by an Identify API call or a Shopify language app.