Risk of overwriting profile information when importing a .CSV?

  • 19 October 2021
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So long story short  - I’m trying to find a workaround while transitioning from a 3rd party “back in stock” notification app to using Klaviyo, but there are quite a few people already signed up for notifications from the app.

My plan was to create multiple small lists via manual upload (that will later on be deleted) for each SKU that is awaiting replenishment notification, then create a simple template and send manual campaigns as each item is re-stocked… but many of the profiles already exist in Klaviyo. Most of them are not subscribed or suppressed (some heavy list cleaning is on the horizon once I’ve implemented win-back and sunset campaigns/flows).

I’m concerned about what happens if I upload CSV’s that only contain an email address, and the email address is already associated with a profile in Klaviyo...

Per this article:

“Any value/column that you include in a CSV upload that already exists on a contact's profile will be overwritten in the most recent upload”

I’m interpreting this as saying that nothing else should be overwritten as blank if the only info in the CSV is “Email” column heading and the subsequent addresses?




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Hello @wernstrom,

Great question!

You’re understanding of the How to Create and Add Contacts to a New List Help Center article is correct! So long as the .CSV you are importing as a Klaviyo list does not contain any other headings and values, no additional values would be overwritting in the associated profile that exists in Klaviyo. Since it sounds like you are importing a .CSV with just an email header, this would simply be adding contacts to a Klaviyo list. A new profile will be created if the contact does not already exist in Klaviyo but if the contact already exists, it would not override any fields and simply be having the existing profile be associated with this designated list. 

I hope this helps!



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Fantastic, thanks for confirming it!