Segment based on Filled Out Lead Ad before Placing an Order

  • 7 September 2021
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hi there! i was trying to create a segment that will include people who placed orders but only after they have filled out a facebook lead ad, and I couldn’t figure out how to create the condition - that the order was only after the ad when I create the segment...any ideas? Thank you 


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Hi @orilehavi,

Thanks for sharing this with the Klaviyo community.

While you can use date-based conditions for segments i.e. added to list between dates X and Y, you won’t be able to make one segment condition relative to another like in the fashion you are describing. However, you could use an “AND” connector in your definition to require that the user both placed an order AND filled out a lead ad in order to qualify for the segment. That way, the user will never be added unless they meet both criteria.

Maybe you can elaborate on your use-case a bit more and we can brainstorm together.

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thanks Dov! 

so the thing is, I have Facebook lead ads to collect emails. 

but sometimes the exclude feature of Facebook does not perform well and the ad is shown to people who are already subscribed to our email list. And I want to see only people who went through a specific funnel- first filled out lead add, then joined the list, then make a purchase. 

thanks for your help!

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Hello @orilehavi,

Thank you for explaining that.

What you can do is trigger a flow off of Placed Order, then add flow filters: Filled out Lead Ad > at least once over all time (if you want, you can also include a certain lead ad ID in this filter to limit it to a certain lead ad) AND is in list X. This will require that they meet both of these criteria before being put through the flow when they place their order. Additionally, if you only want users to go through this flow once, you can add AND skip anyone who has been in this flow as a filter.

Example Flow using Placed Order as the trigger

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