Segment in another Segment.

  • 14 October 2021
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Hi folks.

This should be a very simple thing, but I cannot figure it out, and it’s driving me nuts.

How do I create a segment with the following conditions?

  • subscriber is in the USA
  • or is in Canada
  • or is in the EU, AND consent contains “email”

The problem is, you can use an inline OR in an AND, but you cannot use an inline AND in an OR. So that last condition is just not possible.

First I thought I can separate that last bullet into its own segment, let’s say “Consented EU subscribers”. That way I could potentially change my first segment conditions to this:

  • subscriber is in the USA
  • or is in Canada
  • or is in the segment called “Consented EU subscribers”

But of course there’s no such thing as “if someone is in or not in a segment”. So, I cannot create that third condition.

My brain hurts. Any suggestions?




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Hi @Doubleo


Happy to help! I know how it feels to stare at something so long you you question everything. 


Do you mind sharing more behind your intent to create this specific segment? This might help me further investigate a potential workaround for you. Unfortunately, as you’ve experienced, there isn’t a way to include the criteria you want in one segment. I would suggest creating two segments. One for your US and CA subscribers and the other for your EU subscribers along with an AND connector for email consent. 


Thanks for sharing your question in the Community! 



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Thanks for the response @Taylor Tarpley. My use case is exactly the example I gave, only with a lot more countries. I am trying to target all those non-EU countries, plus EU subscribers who have consented, all in a SINGLE segment. 

I guess I could use two different segments like you suggested, but then every time we send an email, we will have to add both segments in the ‘send to’ field, right? Not a huge deal, but just one more thing that we can accidentally forget and miss.  


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Hi @Doubleo, how about creating a profile property like EU_Constend (boolean - so true or false).  So, to make it more automatic, something like this..

  • Create a segment called EU Email Consented
    • Criteria would be in EU and Email Consented
  • Create a flow based on the Segment trigger
    • Anyone who goes into that segment, gets a Profile Property created/updated such as EU_Email_Consented = TRUE
  • Now in that one segment you want to create to include in campaigns that contains ALL off your criteria, for the last bullet point you can put the criteria as the Profile Property from above

Think that’ll work?

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@Mailbox Manny this might be a good option. However, how can I run the flow on the existing members of that flow, so that the property is set retroactively?

thanks, -oo

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For existing members, you can back-populate the flow.. check out this article on how: