Segment users added to a segment by date added

  • 9 November 2022
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Hi all


I need to identify users who were added into a SEGMENT during July 2022.

  • I tried to Snapshot the segment but then, the date added field changes to the date I Snapshotted
  • I tried to Convert to a list but the same issue
  • I downloaded a CSV but same issue

How can I do this?




Best answer by Brian Turcotte 10 November 2022, 21:33

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2 replies

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Hi @Brian Turcotte 

Thanks so much for your help.

It is a shame that I cannot  define this property retroactively, as I needed to investigate an specific issue occurred in between a date period.


Nevertheless, thanks so much for the idea moving forward, I will definitely implement it

Thanks again for your time

Have a great day

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Hi @Pintxel and welcome back to the Community!


As of now, there is no supported way to accomplish this use case, since there is no logic available linking segments to other segments retroactively like there is for lists.


However, you could create a workaround using a flow so that you could track these “added to segment” dates going forward. This can be accomplished by creating a flow based on the “Added to Segment” trigger:

Then, add the Update Profile Property action and configure it to create a profile property that tracks the date that the user enters the flow, like so:

Now, when a user joins the segment-in-question, a Date Property will be added to their profile, which you can use to segment customers going forward. While you won’t be able to define this property retroactively, you will at least have the “added to segment” dates going as far back as when this flow was created.


I agree that logic linking segments would be useful, so I will check with our Product team to see if this is on their radar.


I hope this helps to clarify, and thanks for using the Community!