[Shopify] Contact Form Leading to Multiple Lists or Segments

  • 2 November 2021
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Hi everyone, 

Neewbie question here so apologies in advance if this is a simple answer but I couldn’t find any definitive information!

We currently have all customers to our website captured onto a list within Klaviyo which is integrated with Shopify. This has been working well and I have set up a few flows and campaigns with success that I have been pleased with. However, as our website specialises in both retail and wholesale, I would like to have all wholesale enquiries collated into their own list so that I can then create a segment based on their location. 

I do not need an integrated sign up form from Klaviyo. I just want to use the sign up form we currently have on Shopify and capture that email address into a separate list. Once i have this information, I then want to begin separate marketing campaigns by wholesale customer location from this separate list. 

What is the best way to achieve this? 

Thanks in advance!


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Hi there @theinternationalnomad,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting your question here! No such thing as a newbie question! We’re all here to learn and grow together!

First, do you happen to have a way for these customers to differentiate on the signup form you have on whether or not they are retail vs wholesale? If you have a way to separate the groups, then it is definitely possible to split them apart. 

Alternatively, for signing up to multiple lists, you can have a multi-checkbox to add properties to the profile. From there you could create a segment on those properties.

For something like this, you would create a different segment for the wholesale people. Basically, the segment would be specific to the form they filled out "Properties about someone>Whatever the dropdown option is you want for that specific segment". 

There is also this guide on how to redirect existing signup forms to Klaviyo so you can see the data within our platform as well!

Looking forward to hearing how you go about implementing this!


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Hi there 

Thanks for taking the time to provide some clarity. However, I have followed your guidance and I cannot do what I intend to achieve. When I signed up to Klaviyo, my onboarding assistant set up the Shopify integration and now customers land in my dashboard which is how I then go about running marketing campaigns. 

However, all I want to do now is take the email addresses from a Shopify contact form and place them in their own list. We have a specific form (built on Shopify) that customers who are enquiring about wholesale use to contact us. I want to have these contacts put into their own list in Kalviyo. 

I have followed the ‘redirect existing signup form; guidance, but it doesn’t answer my question and redirects me to the part that says ‘navigate to subscribe’ pages where it prompts me to build out a form. 

Can I not capture the information that is coming through my existing Shopify form into it’s own list?

Thanks very much in advance. 


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Hey there @theinternationalnomad ,

Thanks for the response and I hope to clarify some more.

Due to the way Klaviyo ingests Shopify data through the integration, users only have the option to be added to one main list. Klaviyo cannot differentiate separate lists based on one Shopify form. As you can see from the screenshot, this is the main page from your Shopify integration and collecting subscribers funnels to only one list selection. So there is not a method to create multiple lists for people to go to for wholesale vs not wholesale.


If you need a way to distinguish in Klaviyo, we must use a segment and sort out the property of people who submit to be wholesale only. We can achieve this by tagging customers with a custom property and then creating a segment definition that looks for that wholesale property tag. Another community post that lists a similar process can be found here:


Alternatively (and easier in my opinion) would be to actually use a Klaviyo form to collect data instead. With Klaviyo forms you can easily filter the data into different lists or segments as well as create a preferences filter that can sort people out by wholesale. However, I recognize you do not want to use a Klaviyo form so we can omit this option. Just thought I would bring it to light. 


Have a good day,


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Hi Alex, 

This is really helpful information and certainly gives me something to work with. I appreciate your time and effort in helping me achieve what I want to achieve. 

I think my only option is to create that custom form, which i don’t have a problem with per se, but I do have a small issue with the design of this as Klaviyo does not support our branding / fonts within the builder and I do not want to lose trust when customers see this form embedded into that page instead of what is there now. With that said, I will give it a go. 

With the Shopify tagging option: I would be more than willing to give this option a try, but i have taken a look and have absolutely no idea what ‘property’ and ‘value’ is relevant to that particular page where the contact form is located. If I could find this information, or even create it, then I would be inclined to use this option as this page / this form, is only used by customers who will be making a wholesale enquiry and thus, will be the end point and the data point in which we need to start that segment. 


Thanks very much again!



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Hey @theinternationalnomad,

Glad I could help! To touch on your concern about using Klaviyo forms and losing branding/fonts, you can actually upload custom fonts for signup forms. This way, you can use fonts and styles that customers are familiar with!

On your second point, it definitely is the more technical approach and I would have to have the ability to go into your site and see how the forms all work. It would require more work on the backend for your developers/team to go into. Property values and whatnot could have been added based on how your forms are setup to collect that wholesale data.

I definitely would recommend using a Klaviyo form for this part and let me know if you have other questions regarding this.


Have a good day!

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Hey @alex.hong 

Okay, this all makes good sense thanks. I actually found a way to make the form and include our branding which is great. If I make the form in place of the Shopify form that we currently have, will the customer emails still be forwarded to our address in the same way that they do now? I am assuming that they will of course.

Lastly, when creating the form, I noticed that there wasn’t a way to have a longer text box - they are all seemingly one line strips which is a little off-putting because this form is where customers elaborate their wholesale requirements and I feel a one line text input box is a little unprofessional. 

Is there a way to make this larger, for example, a similar size to what we are typing in right now on this forum? 

Thanks again, we are certainly getting there and you have been a great help.


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Hi there @theinternationalnomad,

That is great news to hear! Assuming that the form is properly linked to the proper list/segment and everything is good on the backend then yes the data will still be fine and navigate to your Klaviyo account!

Yes unfortunately, there is not an option for adjusting those text boxes. An option here would be creating your own customized form with HTML. I would only recommend this if you have developer experience or access to a developer. You can see how to do this here: Add and Customize a Legacy Embedded Signup Form

However, we are not able to provide support for customized forms, as the solutions will vary. 


Hope this helped!

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Hi Alex, 

Hmm, I guess we are back at square one then, but your help has been invaluable so thanks a lot. 

1 - Original Shopify contact form is the best solution at present, but it is difficult to connect to Klaviyo in order to segment the data.

2 - The best option would be to create the form inside Klaviyo’s form builder, but this isn’t sophisticated enough on a design level in order to tailor to customer requirements when leaving a message. 

3 - Create a legacy HTML form but this wouldn’t be supported by Klaviyo and would require a developer to achieve this.

I will have to have a think as to what option would be best and make a decision soon.

In addition, if i go for the form builder in Klaviyo, my original question was would the customer message still come through to our Shopify inbox which is where the messages arrive at present when using the form on the website. 

Thanks again!

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Hi @theinternationalnomad,

I would say square one in terms of decision making yes but at least we have all options out in front of us to decide between.

So regarding your first point, you could still use a Shopify form that points data to a Klaviyo list. This is discussed in the documentation regarding how to redirect existing signup forms. Within this document, you will see the code

<form id="email_signup" action="//" method="POST">
<input type="hidden" name="g" value="LIST_ID_HERE">
<input type="email" value="" name="email" id="k_id_email" placeholder="Your email" />
<button type="submit">Subscribe</button>
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

Within the code on line 2, you can see “LIST_ID_HERE” as the placeholder for your Klaviyo list id for data to be routed to. Although it might look complex and daunting, I believe with some time things can be sorted out.

Your second point is pretty much all there is to it. We hit a standstill on that one together because of the customer requirements with the text box.
The third point is correct that a legacy HTML form will be fully customizable but will require some developer tools. I recommend checking out our partner page to see if you could get someone as a freelancer to assist with the process.

Thanks for all your great communication and working with me on this so we can figure out some solutions for you!

All the best,